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Top 20 Funny Happy Birthday Images To Make You Laugh

happy birthday images funny

These days, it seems like there’s a meme for every significant life event.

Whether it’s wedding memes, happy anniversary memes, or even hilarious thank-you memes, you can easily find a meme for any occasion or situation.

But when it comes to celebrating a birthday, funny birthday memes are the perfect way to bring a smile to someone’s face.

We’ve curated a collection of the best funny happy birthday images to send to your friends or family on their special day.

No matter their personality or sense of humor, you’re bound to find the perfect one.

Remember, laughter is one of the greatest gifts you can give, although a birthday gift or a delicious birthday cake indeed wouldn’t hurt either!

After sending your favorite happy birthday funny images, consider following up with a zodiac meme to playfully tease them about their astrological sign.

Funny birthday memes sure to make them laugh

Long-Distance Laughs:

Share these funny happy birthday images with a friend who’s far away.

You can even get creative by turning it into a card and adding a funny birthday quote.

happy birthday images funny

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Scream and Shout:

Feel free to be as loud as you want on your birthday!

You can also have a hearty laugh at these funny birthday puns.

happy birthday images funny 2

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The Gift of Friendship:

“Wow, thanks.” If you’re looking for a great gift to pair with this funny birthday meme, check out these happy birthday funny images that they’ll adore.


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Another Year Older:

“You make me feel so young!” This meme could be the ideal choice for your sister.

If she gives you a puzzled look, lighten the mood with some happy birthday images funny.


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Birthday Tweet:

“That wasn’t on my list, but thanks, I guess.” If these funny happy birthday images tickled your funny bone, enjoy more cat memes that will crack you up.


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Spa Day:

Treat yourself to a massage or two, then peruse these funny friend memes and send them to your bestie.


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Big Smile:

“Another year to be happy about!”

The pet lovers in your life will enjoy these dog happy birthday funny images year-round.


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Office Celebration:

When you have to spend your special day at the office, the birthday celebration can feel fleeting.

Speaking of work, these working-from-home memes are incredibly accurate.


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Don’t Fret:

“Throw all your worries out the window.

There’s always tomorrow.” But for now, enjoy these funny quotes for more laughs.


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1700s Old:

“You’re getting so old that you probably remember meeting this man.”

Need something to write on your loved one’s card?

Explore these happy birthday images funny for inspiration.


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Big Cat Birthday:

“It’s only a matter of time before you add a lion to your crew.”

And it’s only a matter of time before you read these hilarious cat happy birthday funny images.


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Let’s Eat:

“Don’t be afraid to cut yourself a second slice.”

This funny birthday meme permits you to indulge!


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I Remembered!:

“We’re all getting older. Sometimes it’s hard to remember things.”

But you know what’s hard to forget? These hilarious good morning memes.


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Birthday Adventure:

“A fun, exciting adventure.”


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More Cake:

“I’m only here for the food (and the food puns).”


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Older and Older:

“When you’re laughing on the outside but crying on the inside because you’re old.”

These happy birthday funny images about aging will add to the laughter and maybe even a few tears.


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Awkward Smiles:

“Just keep smiling and laughing.”

Enjoy happy birthday images funny.


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Golfing Day:

“Just because it’s your birthday, it doesn’t mean you can break the rules.”

These funny happy birthday images for him are sure to make the golfer in your life smile, especially if it’s accompanied by an invitation to the golf course.


Image Credit : rd

Golden Birthday:

“Shine like the sun!

You’re one year older.”


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Retro celebration:

Sending an advance birthday greeting just in case it slips my mind.

If you’re ahead of schedule, consider grabbing one of these delightful happy birthday images funny and sending it by mail for a delightful surprise.


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These 20 funny happy birthday images are the perfect way to add humor and laughter to your birthday wishes.

Whether you’re celebrating a friend, family member, or colleague, these images will surely bring a smile to their face on their special day.

Remember, birthdays are a time to celebrate, have fun, and embrace the joy of growing older, so share these funny images and make someone’s birthday even more memorable.

Happy birthday and happy laughing!

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