8 Ways To Ensure Full Entertainment In Weddings In Los Angeles

8 Ways To Ensure Full Entertainment In Weddings In Los Angeles

Who says weddings can’t be entertaining?

Weddings are meant to celebrate the union of two souls, which indeed marks the beginning of a rollercoaster journey. 

So why not start this journey with some fun and entertainment? 

In Los Angeles, wedding entertainment has evolved with time, making it tricky to decide the one for your Day D. 

If you are wondering how you may want to entertain your guests, get ready to be immersed in the pool of choices you can browse through. 

Let’s continue reading. 

Photo Booth 

Although wedding photo booths have always been a cherished memory-making tradition, so why not spice it up with “Mirror”?

The reflective element of this classic feature provides a surprising touch to contemporize the event. 

You can even elevate the mini photobooth by introducing themed props or an elegant backdrop, creating an easy and universally enjoyable experience. 

Retro Wedding Bands

Add a crazy and fun element to your wedding in the form of a live band, creating a concert-like experience for your guests. 

Despite typical wedding music, opt for a retro or tribute band that adds a distinctive touch to your D-Day. 

Choose from some of the best Los Angeles wedding bands to create a unique and vibrant atmosphere. 

Ferris Wheel 

Add the lively spirit of a carnival to your wedding day by including a small-scale Ferris wheel!

It will not only bring a playful atmosphere but will also serve as a fantastic backdrop for memorable photos with friends and family while capturing the charming shots of the couple. 


Provide your guests with delightful mementos by hiring a caricaturist. 

This unique addition will add a special touch to your wedding that your guests will cherish for years to come. 

You’ll notice how guests of all ages will eagerly line up for their turn, creating lasting memories through whimsical caricatures.

DIY Cocktail Bar 

Indulge in the allure of having a cocktail cart at your wedding reception. 

Whether you choose to create a DIY setup without corkage charges at your venue or enlist a mobile bar service for an assortment of delicious spirits, frozen delights, and cocktails. 

It is, indeed, a delightful addition that adds a touch of sophistication to it, allowing your guests to savor a variety of flavorful libations. 


Smash a pinata instead of cutting a cake at your wedding. 

Why settle for cake smearing on the face when you can release the wedding stress on a pinata?

While it may not have rich cake or creamy frosting, this visually appealing masterpiece can be chosen to complement your theme. 

Fill it with candy, confetti poppers, or miniature bottles of alcohol for the adults, creating a unique and enjoyable alternative to the traditional cake ritual.

Couple Shoe Game 

Engage your guests in getting to know the couple with an entertaining shoe game. 

It is a budget-friendly activity that involves the pair sitting back–to–back, answering questions by raising either their shoe or their partner’s. 

To ensure a lighthearted atmosphere, create a list of at least 30 interesting questions that steer clear of being too explicit or personal. 

You can even encourage guest participation by inviting them to submit questions when they RSVP, adding a personalized touch to this fun and interactive element of your wedding celebration. 


Amaze your guests with a breathtaking fireworks display that adds a touch of magic to your celebration. 

Enhance some key moments during the ceremony, such as your grand entrance or first dance, or conclude the night with a spectacular finale. 

Tailor the display to fit your budget and venue constraints, whether opting for smaller sparklers or grand pyros. 

Consider the overall ambiance you want to create as you decide on the perfect fireworks option for your wedding.