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Unilever Brands – A Complete List of Unilever Brands 2024

Unilever Brands – A Complete List of Unilever Brands 2024

Unilever is a famous company known for its wide range of products like food, beverages, home, and personal care items. 

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It’s a big company that operates in many countries around the world and is one of the largest consumer goods brands. 

Unilever has been around for a long time and is considered one of the oldest multinational companies.

The company is structured as a dual-listed company, with Unilever plc in London and Unilever N.V. in Rotterdam. 

Even though they operate together as a single business, they have separate legal identities and stock exchange listings.

Unilever is dedicated to helping its employees reach their full potential and contribute their best efforts. 

The company is also focused on making a positive impact on the environment and improving the health and well-being of people worldwide. 

These commitments set Unilever apart from other companies in its industry.

What Brands Does Unilever Own?


Unilever came into existence 88 years back, in 1930. It was born out of the union of Margarine Unie, a Dutch company making margarine, and the Lever Brothers, a British soap-making business. 

The main people behind this were Samuel van den Bergh, William Lever, and James Darcy Lever. 

Over time, Unilever expanded globally, moving beyond just oil and fats and acquiring many companies in the latter part of the 1900s.

Who calls the shots at Unilever now?

Currently, Alan Jope is the big boss at Unilever.

This Scottish businessman took over as CEO in January 2019, succeeding Paul Polman.


Back in 1930, Unilever had a logo in all capital letters and a sans-serif font. But in 2004, they got a new look. 

The current logo, crafted by the branding experts at Wolff Olins, revolves around the concept of ‘adding vitality to life.’ 

The U shape in the logo is a collage of symbols and icons representing Unilever’s many brands and values.

It’s not just a logo; it’s a clever and unique design.

Unilever Brands Categorized by Types of Products

Let’s break down the various types of products under the vast umbrella of Unilever brands.

1. Personal Care:

  • Dove: Known for its diverse range of skincare and beauty products.
  • Axe/Lynx: Offers a line of grooming and personal care items for men.
  • Vaseline: Famous for its moisturizing and skin care products.

2. Home Care:

  • Sunlight: Offers a range of household cleaning products.
  • Omo/Persil: Well-known for laundry detergents and related products.
  • Cif: Specializes in cleaning agents and household products.

3. Food and Refreshments:

  • Knorr: Offers a variety of food products, including soups and seasonings.
  • Hellmann’s: Famous for its mayonnaise and other condiments.
  • Lipton: Known for its tea products, both hot and iced.

4. Beverages:

  • PG Tips: A brand specializing in tea products.
  • Lipton Ice Tea: Offers a range of bottled and packaged iced tea beverages.

5. Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts:

  • Ben & Jerry’s: Known for its unique and creative ice cream flavors.
  • Wall’s: Offers a variety of ice cream and frozen dessert products.

6. Health and Wellness:

  • SlimFast: Specializes in weight management and health products.

7. Water Purification:

  • Pureit: Provides water purifiers and related products for clean drinking water.

Unilever’s diverse portfolio of brands spans across these categories, offering a wide array of products to cater to the varying needs and preferences of consumers worldwide.

Competitors of Unilever 

Unilever operates in a highly competitive market, facing competition from various global and regional players. Some of its main competitors include:

  • Procter & Gamble (P&G): A major multinational consumer goods company, P&G is a key competitor for Unilever, particularly in the areas of personal care and home care products.
  • The Coca-Cola Company: While Unilever has a strong presence in beverages, it faces competition from Coca-Cola, especially in the global market for soft drinks and beverages.
  • Nestlé: Another giant in the consumer goods industry, Nestlé competes with Unilever in various product categories, including food and beverages.
  • Johnson & Johnson: In the personal care and healthcare sectors, Johnson & Johnson is a significant competitor for Unilever.
  • Colgate-Palmolive: With a focus on oral care, personal care, and home care products, Colgate-Palmolive is a competitor in several product categories where Unilever is active.
  • Kraft Heinz: This company competes with Unilever in the food and condiments sector, offering a range of products that overlap with Unilever’s portfolio.

These competitors represent just a few of the companies that Unilever encounters in the consumer goods industry.

The competition is dynamic, with each company vying for market share and consumer loyalty across various product categories.

Subsidiaries of Unilever

Unilever operates a diverse portfolio of subsidiary companies, each specializing in specific product categories. Some notable subsidiaries of Unilever include:

  • Dove: Known for its beauty and skincare products, Dove is a subsidiary that focuses on providing high-quality personal care items.
  • Knorr: Specializing in soups, sauces, and seasonings, Knorr is a subsidiary under Unilever’s umbrella that caters to the food and refreshments category.
  • Lipton: A well-known tea brand, Lipton is a subsidiary of Unilever and offers a wide range of tea products, both hot and iced.
  • Ben & Jerry’s: Famous for its creative and indulgent ice cream flavors, Ben & Jerry’s is a subsidiary that falls under Unilever’s ice cream and frozen desserts category.
  • Sunlight: Operating in the home care sector, Sunlight is a subsidiary providing household cleaning products.
  • Omo/Persil: Specializing in laundry detergents and fabric care, Omo/Persil is another subsidiary contributing to Unilever’s presence in the home care market.

These subsidiaries represent a fraction of Unilever’s extensive brand portfolio. Each subsidiary plays a crucial role in contributing to Unilever’s overall presence in the global consumer goods market.


Unilever’s extensive range of brands paints a vibrant tapestry across various consumer categories. 

From personal care to home care, food and refreshments to beverages, and the sweet indulgence of ice cream, Unilever’s portfolio reflects a commitment to meeting diverse consumer needs. 

The iconic names like Dove, Knorr, Lipton, and Ben & Jerry’s, among others, have become synonymous with quality and innovation. 

As Unilever continues to evolve and adapt to changing consumer preferences, its comprehensive list of brands stands as a testament to the company’s enduring presence and impact in the global consumer goods landscape. 

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