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2024 Preppy Outfits to Look Cool This Summer

2024 Preppy Outfits to Look Cool This Summer

You can add a touch of class to your wardrobe with amazing and unique outfits.

I am not just talking about random day-to-day outfits. 

However, according to me, you can do a lot by getting inspired from the fancy schools such as Yale and Harvard. 

You can even make stylish uniforms your inspiration. 

Think about the classic, classy looks that scream “old money” or “light academia.”

I recommend you choose style preppy fits to add a bit of elegance to your style, but you’ll still feel relaxed and self-assured. 

I am sure that you’ll stand out among your friends, feeling like you’ve stepped into a scene from ‘Gossip Girl.’ Obviously, it’s not less than a drama.

Some Outfit Essentials you Need to Know

I am sure you will stand out with a preppy style, but you’ll want to grab three key pieces: 

  • neat button-up shirts (especially in soft colors or plain white), 
  • tennis-style skirts with curves or pleats, and 
  • cozy knitted vests. 

If you want to try them separately or all at once, you’re getting closer to that preppy look you’re after.

Now, let’s take your preppy style up a notch by trying out these five ways to wear your preppy clothes:

Style with Business Casual

Business Casual outfits

Image Credit: Pinterest

Add some classic pieces for a business casual look for a preppy style. 

Think about adding things like – 

  • button-up shirts that come in plus sizes, 
  • trousers, and 
  • tailored vests to give off a classy and sophisticated vibe. 

Go with a blazer if you want to add up a style.

Whether you prefer a classic navy one or something more daring like a plaid pattern, there’s a blazer out there for you. 

For a finishing touch to your outfit add leather loafers or black pumps.

It’ll help you conquer the world (or at least your next meeting).

Add Some Feminine Flair

Preppy look is all about tailored pants and blazers, but still there’s room to express your own femininity. 

Don’t think twice if you’re going to wear a – 

  • pleated skirt, 
  • tennis skirt,
  • classy midi dress, or 
  • knee-length skirt. 

Feminine Flair outfits

Image Credit: Pinterest

There are a lot of options for the modern woman who wants to rock a preppy outfit.

And don’t forget to add accessories!

You can complete your look with shoes like Mary Janes, heeled loafers, or ballet flats. 

Or, add some fun details like frilly socks, headbands, statement jewelry, or a silk scarf to really make your preppy outfit stand out.

Don’t Forget about Cozy Comforts 

Cozy Comforts Outfits

Image Credit: Pinterest

Adding knitwear to your wardrobe is a great idea. 

Look for things like – 

  • plus-size knitted jumpers, 
  • vests, 
  • crew neck sweaters, and more. 

Pair them with high-waisted jeans or tailored pants, and there you have it!

You’ve created a preppy look that’s both stylish and snug.

Layered Look Can Make You Stand Out.

Layered Look

Image Credit: Pinterest

Let’s think about layering for preppy fashion, especially when it comes to winter! 

Don’t think twice when it comes to mixing and matching your varsity-style clothes.

This point is a must to remember when you want to go with a versatile and stylish look. 

Think about wearing knitted sweaters over collared shirts with denim jeans or khakis. 

Plus, don’t forget some essentials for your cold-weather wardrobe like a curved trench coat, a cozy cardigan, and sweaters. 

These pieces will keep you warm and fashionable all season long.

Sporty Chic Style

Sporty Chic Style

Image Credit: Pinterest

For a sporty chic style, join in on the prep vibe and add some varsity flair to your outfits. 

Look for clothes like – 

  • stylish varsity jackets with curves, 
  • cool graphic tees, 
  • polo shirts made for women, 
  • comfy sweatpants, and 
  • cozy sweatshirts. 

And hey, why not toss in some rugby stripes for extra sporty fun!

Finish off your look with white sneakers or whatever shoes you love wearing. 

Whether you’re chilling with friends or hitting the stores, show off your love for your favorite city or team with clothes that have monograms or embroidery.


The great thing about preppy style is that it works all year round!

It’s adaptable to any weather. 

In summer, lightweight cotton clothes are perfect to keep you cool, while in winter, cozy wool and cashmere will keep you warm and snug.

With preppy fashion making a comeback, you can embrace your inner Blair Waldorf or Cher Horowitz and rock that preppy style confidently. 

Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, these preppy outfits are sure to earn you top marks!

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