2024 Prom Hairstyles for a Stylish High-School Party Look

2024 Prom Hairstyles for a Stylish High-School Party Look

Hey Beauty Queens out there! 

So, the most awaited prom is here.

What are your plans?

Are you excited?

Have you prepared everything?

Well, I am hearing a lot of buzz about the dresses and makeup from everyone around, but have you decided on how to do your hair? 

These are not less than an accessory that can lift up your entire style and look. 

No matter you want to go for the glam curls, sleek and chic, or rocking a trendy updo, your hair game can enhance your prom style. 

I know, I know, there is still some time, but early experiments can leave you with a lot of options.

Try out different styles, or you can even go to your hairstylist for better ideas. 

Oh! Don’t forget to consider your outfit vibe.

Your hairstyle complements better when you are wearing it right with your dress. 

Don’t leave your short hair open! Show some creativity! 

French Braid

French Braid

Image Credit: Pinterest

Start with a french braid in the center of your head, continuing from your forehead and work your way back.

Leave the sides of your hair loose or take them back for contrasting.

Get a bold and dynamic hairstyle that stands out. 

Pixie inspired from art

Pixie inspired from art

Image Credit: Pinterest

Use gel and pomade to sort your short hair for creating geometric shapes and sharp angles.

It draws inspiration from the sleek lines and bold designs inspired from the 1920s. 

Add a touch of sparkle with a vintage-inspired hair accessory, such as feathered hair clips, to complete your entire look. 

Updo with hair accessories

Updo with hair accessories

Image Credit: Pinterest

Create a geometric updo by choosing your hair in small, angular shapes and pin them together.

Add some flair by adding some interesting hairpins or use geometric hair clips for a modern look. 

Retro Finger Waves

Finger Waves

Image Credit: Pinterest

Use a small curling iron to create tight and defined waves throughout your hair.

Brush them gently to soften them and then split them into a sleek, vintage-inspired style that creates a sophisticated look. 

What to do with long hair?


Prom Curls Hairstyle

Image Credit: Pinterest

Choose classic Hollywood glamor with voluminous curls sliding down your shoulders.

Create loose, bouncy curls, and finish them with a hairspray to get that carpet-worthy look. 

High Ponytail

prom high ponytail

Image Credit: Pinterest

Get that Ariana Grande look with a sleek high ponytail.

Use a flat iron to smooth your hair and gather them up with a high pony. 

Hold all of them with a hair tie.

Wrap a small section of the hair around the base for a clean finish. 

Boho Braided Crown

Prom Boho Braided Crown

Image Credit: Pinterest

You can recreate a look of a bohemian goddess with a braided crown hairstyle.

First, divide your hair into two sections, make braids, and then wrap them around your head like a crown. 

You can even use bobby pins to secure it properly.

Leave some tendrils loose in front of your face for a soft, romantic look.

Messy Bun with Braided Details

Prom Messy Bun with Braided Details

Image Credit: Pinterest

Create a messy bun that features a braided detail.

Gather your hair to create a loose bun at the end of your neck. 

You can even leave some strands loose for a relaxed vibe.

Braid those small hair sections and wrap them around the base of the bun for extra texture. 

Half-up Half-down twist

Prom Half-up Half-down twist

Image Credit: Pinterest

Combine sophistication and elegance with a half-up half-down twist hairstyle. 

You can take some section of hair from each side of your head, twist them back, and secure them using bobby pins.

The style keeps your hair out of your face while showcasing its texture and length. 

Mermaid Waves

Prom Mermaid Waves hairstyle

Image Credit: Pinterest

Create beachy waves that scream effortless elegance.

You can even use a curler to create loose waves while altering the direction of each curl for a natural look.

You can use a texturizing spray for a just-off-the-beach vibe. 

Twisted side updo

Twisted side updo prom hairstyle

Image Credit: Pinterest

Create a romantic and sophisticated look with a twisted side updo.

You can sweep your hair to one side and twist it upwards. 

You can even secure with bobby pins as you go.

Leave some strands loose around your face for a soft and clear finish. 

What About Medium Length Hair?

Braided Hairband

Braided Hairband hairstyle

Image Credit: Pinterest

Create a small braid on one side of your head.

You can start from near your ear and work your way up towards your forehead. 

Add a bobby pin to secure your hair then repeat the same process from the other side.

Take them across the top of your head same as a headband and secure them with pins. 

Low ponytail with a twist

Low ponytail with a twist

Image Credit: Pinterest

Take all of your hair into a low ponytail at your neck end and secure it tightly with a hair tie.

Then, take some smaller sections of your hair from the ponytail to wrap it around the hair tie.

Secure those ends using a bobby pin under the ponytail.

It can create a classic prom look. 

Shaggy cut

Shaggy cut hairstyle

Image Credit: Pinterest

It shows the natural texture of your hair.

You can use a curler to create some loose and bouncy curls through your hair.

Then use your finger to break those curls and create a shaggy look. 

Textured ponytail

Textured ponytail Hairstyles

Image Credit: Pinterest

Gather your shaggy hair to make a ponytail.

Leave some face-framing layers to add some extra texture.

You can use a curling wand to create some bouncy curls in the ponytail.

Pull some strands around your face to enhance the shaggy vibe.

Lastly, what about a perfect evening hairstyle?

Hollywood Waves

Hollywood Waves hairstyle

Image Credit: Pinterest

Hollywood waves at the classic, cascading curls that add up old Hollywood glamor while adding a touch of modern style to your evening outfit.

With our expert styling, you feel like a movie star ready to shine under the spotlight. 

Messy Updo with Sparking hair accessories

Messy Updo with Sparking hair accessories

Image Credit: Pinterest

It can be a playful and sophisticated hairstyle that creates a perfect balance for your style.

With the wavy look and dazzling embellishments, you can wear it with confidence when you dance the night away. 

Voluminous Hairdo

Voluminous Hairdo hairstyle

Image Credit: Pinterest

Enhance your evening look with a voluminous hairstyle that attracts attention.

You can go with a sleek or polished and textured look that compliments your outfit.

Get ready to leave everyone stunned with your look. 


Choosing a right hairstyle for different looks lifts up your entire look, and makes you feel fabulous.

So, experiment with different braids, textures, and updos to choose a look that goes well with your personal style and the prom night. 

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