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What is Gen Z Wearing?

What is Gen Z Wearing?

Generation Z’s distinctive flair and bold disposition have fundamentally transformed the fashion realm.

No longer is it about contorting oneself into tight garments for a slender appearance (thank goodness for that!). 

Generation Z gravitates towards comfortable and expressive clothing—think loose-fitting jeans, crop tops, and oversized pieces.

Spanning from 1997 to the early 2010s, Gen Z comprises 30% of the global population.

With the oldest members crossing the age of 26 this year, the cohort wields a purchasing power of approximately $360 billion in the US alone, preferring fashion expenditures over any other form of entertainment.

Gen Z fashion is marked by its fearless, expressive, and unapologetic nature.

The era is transitioning from idealism to realism, courtesy of this new generation. 

No more pretending to be flawless or striving for unattainable beauty standards.

Gen Z cherishes honesty and humanity, values that resonate in their sartorial choices as well.

Gen Z’s Fashion Preferences

Gen Z's Fashion

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To grasp Gen Z’s fashion inclinations, it’s crucial to comprehend their mindset. 

Gen Z is classified into six distinct personality groups: the forgers, signatures, satellites, rebels, explorers, and idealists.

Each cluster of Gen Z personalities is guided by a unique set of values.

Let’s explore how these values shape their fashion preferences:

  • Information: Gen Z is a socially conscious and pragmatic generation that values staying up-to-date with trends. They actively engage with brands that share informative content on social media.
  • Identity: Fashion for Gen Z is all about individuality and defiance of conventional fashion norms. They prioritize self-expression over blindly following industry trends.
  • Improvement: Personal growth is highly valued by Gen Z, who seek to make better decisions and own ethically produced, sustainable fashion items.
  • Ideology: Activism is central to Gen Z’s ethos. They demand accountability from companies and advocate for body positivity and size inclusivity in fashion.
  • Introspection: Gen Z prioritizes mental health and destigmatizes discussions around it.
  • Informality: They prefer casual, community-oriented communication from brands and favor comfort over strict dress codes.

Understanding these values is crucial to decoding Gen Z’s fashion trends.

Gen Z Trends You Should Know

Gen Z Trends

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Gen Z is revamping the fashion rulebook with trends like athleisure, elevated minimalism, techwear, and vibrant Barbiecore.

The industry has observed three significant changes lately: a shift towards timeless, practical, and circular fashion.

Let’s delve into these trends and discuss how to integrate them into your personal style or brand.

Sustainable Fashion:

Sustainable Fashion

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Gen Z values eco-friendly fashion, preferring items made from recycled materials or through sustainable practices. 

They also frequently shop at thrift stores, contributing to the growing second hand clothes market.

In a 2020 survey, 66% of Gen Z shoppers expressed a willingness to pay more for environmentally friendly products. 

This demographic’s emphasis on sustainability is not just a fleeting trend; it reflects a deeper commitment to environmental stewardship and ethical consumption. 

By opting for recycled or sustainably produced clothing and accessories, Gen Z is making a statement about their values and actively supporting businesses that prioritize sustainability.


gen z streetwear outfit

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Inspired by ’90s and early 2000s hip-hop, sports, and rave culture, Gen Z’s streetwear is characterized by oversized clothing, chunky sneakers, and unique tees. 

This style celebrates individuality and inclusivity.

In recent years, many high-profile fashion brands have taken notice of this trend and started catering to the needs of young people.

Nike, for instance, ranks among the top favorite brands for Gen Z. 

The popularity of streetwear is not just about style; it’s also about self-expression and the celebration of diversity. 

This fashion movement has embraced a more casual, laid-back aesthetic, which aligns with Gen Z’s preference for comfort and versatility in clothing.

Retro Styles and Nostalgia:

Retro Styles

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Gen Z loves vintage looks from the ’90s, ’70s, and ’60s.

They mix these retro styles with modern elements for a fresh, unique look. Oversized jackets, tie-dye, and psychedelic prints are some popular retro components. 

This generation’s fascination with retro fashion is not just about nostalgia; it’s also about reinventing and repurposing classic styles for a contemporary audience. 

Gen Z’s affinity for vintage fashion goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s a reflection of their desire for authenticity and individuality in a world often dominated by mass-produced, cookie-cutter styles. 

By embracing retro styles, Gen Z is reclaiming the past and making it their own, creating a new narrative for vintage fashion in the 21st century.

Y2K Revival:

gen z Y2K outfit

Image Credit: Pinterest

Gen Z is giving a modern twist to the early 2000s style, calling it Y2K.

The Y2K fashion revival features low-rise jeans, multiple belts, newsie hats, tie-dye tracksuits, neon prints, cargo pants, butterfly clips, and platform sneakers. 

It’s all about being daring and adventurous, with a style that’s adaptable to anyone’s preferences.

Graphic tees, logo items, and bold accessories are all part of the game. 

You can find plenty of Y2K outfit inspiration on social media platforms, with many millennials even throwing Y2K-themed parties.

Gender-Fluid Fashion:

Gen Z Fluid Fashion outfit

Image Credit: Pinterest

Gen Z is leading the gender-fluid fashion movement, which champions gender flexibility and inclusivity. 

Gender-fluid or gender-neutral fashion challenges societal norms of masculinity and femininity, providing clothing options that are free from gender restrictions. 

This trend promotes unrestricted self-expression and questions the binary view of fashion.

Gender-neutral clothing can be worn to support this movement, with adaptable, simple designs that break gender norms. 


Gen Z Athleisure Outfits

Image Credit: Pinterest

Gen Z’s love for fitness and comfort has given rise to athleisure, one of the most prominent fashion trends. 

Athleisure combines comfortable athletic wear with stylish elements that work well both in the gym and outside. 

Leggings, sports bras, oversized sweatshirts, and sneakers are all part of this trend, which goes beyond just fashion—it’s a lifestyle.

It lets you conquer the world while looking effortlessly fashionable.


Gen Z Minimalism Outfits

Image Credit: Pinterest

While many current fashion trends embrace chaotic colors and prints, some Gen Z fashion choices are leaning towards minimalism. 

However, the new minimalism differs from what millennials may remember from 2014.

Gen Z infuses minimalism with individuality and personality, making it anything but basic.

Gen Z’s minimalist fashion is characterized by clean lines, neutral colors, and simple silhouettes.

It highlights wardrobe staples such as white shirts, oversized blazers, black trousers, and minimalist accessories.

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