Poisonous Household Items to Keep Your Pets Away From

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The list of items in a household that is harmful to most pets is constantly on the rise. Suppose you are a new pet owner and are uncertain which of the items in your household can be extremely lethal for your pet. In that case, going through this list and putting it up if you hire pet sitting services could help the sitters establish a safe sanctuary for your dear pet.

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Here is a list of the toxins that could cause immediately long-term harm to your pets: 

  • Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine that is commonly used in humans. This medicine can induce stomach and kidney problems in dogs and effects on the brain system, resulting in symptoms including depression and seizures. If you drop a pill, look for it quickly before your dog does. Labs and Beagles notoriously snarf dropped medications. If this occurs in your home, make your dog vomit as soon as you suspect he has eaten any medicines, and then contact your veterinarian. Ibuprofen should never be given to your dog for pain or discomfort.

  • Chocolate

Theobromine and caffeine are two powerful ingredients in chocolate. The amount of these chemicals in chocolate varies substantially depending on the type and brand. A dog who consumes chocolate with high levels of theobromine or caffeine may experience elevated heart rate and excitability, possibly leading to seizures. If you can get your dog to vomit as soon as possible after ingestion, do. Then make an appointment with your veterinarian. The effects of theobromine can take up to three days to wear off, which can be harmful to your dog’s heart. Most pet sitting services experts know that these can be harmful. However, if you make a list of items from these lists that your household contains, you could proactively avoid getting toxins in your pets’ system. 

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  • Baits for Ants and Roaches

When traveling, ant and roach baits can be found at motels as well as in places around your home. Fortunately, the harmful compounds are only present in trace levels; nonetheless, they are frequently mixed in with sweet foods like peanut butter, which your dog may find enticing. If your dog consumes the bait, he’ll probably have a problem with the bits of the container he eats rather than the ingredients, but you should still take him to the clinic. It’s preferable to be safe than sorry.

  • Hormones for Thyroid

Thyroid hormones are used to treat low thyroid levels in both humans and dogs. Fortunately, most dogs are able to cope with an overdose of these drugs. A fast heart rate and a hyperactive dog bouncing off the walls are both symptoms that your dog has eaten something he shouldn’t have.

  • Bleach

The majority of bleach products used at home are dilute. Commercial bleaches, on the other hand, can be highly harsh and irritate your dog’s eyes or skin. If your dog’s skin or coat has been bleached, a short bath is ideal. If your dog inhales bleach, particularly bleach that has been mixed with ammonia, she could get a fatal chemical pneumonitis. This can have an effect on you as well, so don’t breathe deeply. Get your dog out into the fresh air as soon as possible, and then take him to the vet. Dog sitting services in Tampa, fl, are aware of these steps and will ensure that your pet is taken care of with utmost reverence. 

Hire professional pet sitting services today so that your pets are taken care of and have a safe space to thrive in your absence.