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Exploring the E-Girl Aesthetic: Unraveling the Digital Vibe

Exploring the E-Girl Aesthetic: Unraveling the Digital Vibe

E-girls, or electronic girls, embody a style aesthetic predominantly embraced by teens and young adults—a contemporary evolution influenced by the scene girls and cyberpunk trends of the 2000s. 

What is an E-Girl?

An E-girl, short for electronic girl, is a term used to describe a style aesthetic adopted by individuals, typically teenagers or young adults, who are active on online platforms. 

This aesthetic is characterized by bold and edgy fashion choices, often inspired by elements of grunge, scene, and cyberpunk subcultures

What defines the quintessential e-girl look? 

Let’s delve into the essentials that make e-girls synonymous with an edgy, experimental, and effervescent vibe.

Originating in the digital realm, E-girls emerged prominently on platforms like TikTok, where they would emulate Nirvana songs and partake in the latest audio trends through lip-syncing. 

Despite their bold aesthetic, encountering an e-girl aesthetic in person is a rare occurrence; their style remains primarily confined to the online world. 

This enigma adds a layer of intrigue, making it possible for your seemingly casual next-door neighbor, donned in sweatpants and jumpers, to harbor an edgy persona hidden from plain view.

The term “e-girl” initially referred to a minority group of girls in the online gaming community, often assumed to be insincere gamers seeking attention from the predominantly male gaming audience. 

Originally bearing a pejorative connotation, the term has evolved to denote a shared appreciation for the aesthetic—spanning fashion, makeup, and hairstyles—rather than carrying the negative undertones of its inception.

Often dubbed the “scene sisters” or attention seekers, the surge in popularity of famous e-girls (and e-boys) represents a pivotal cultural shift. 

While street fashion embraced the grunge look, e-girls carved an aesthetic niche for themselves by placing screens at the forefront. 

The digital transition of communication platforms further propelled this narrative.

E-Girl Style and Mindset

Referred to by Independent as the ‘antithesis’ to Instagram influencers, e-girls stand in contrast to the perfection often associated with Instagram models. 

Reflecting on the fashion history of related subcultures, scene and emo kids emerged as a rebellion against the flawless preppy and girly looks of the 2000s, embodied by figures like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan

Today’s e-aesthetics serve as a counterbalance to the Instagram-perfect façade frequently achieved through Photoshop manipulation.

In comparison to the vibrant aesthetic of VSCO Girls, E-girls exude a darker theme, creating distinct fan bases for both aesthetics. 

The liberty enjoyed by E-girls to express their personalities within the aesthetic realm stands in stark contrast to the outgoing and bubbly nature often associated with the VSCO girl aesthetic, which rose to popularity concurrently.

It’s essential to address the perception of attention-seeking within the e-girl community. 

The question of whether an individual seeks attention is pertinent across various internet subcultures. 

Consequently, the term “e-girl” has transformed into a neutral descriptor, akin to any other title.

The E-girl Closet

E-girls seamlessly blend girly silhouettes with a monochrome color palette, punctuated by pops of reds, pinks, and electric blues—an amalgamation that defines their edgy persona.


Striped Solidarity

Striped Solidarity

Image Credit: Pinterest

Become the internet’s bad girl crush by rocking various types of monochrome stripes, a print synonymous with emos and E-boys. 

Pair these stripes with a black dungaree and boots for an effortlessly cool E-girl look. 

Stripes have a timeless appeal, making them a staple in outerwear for various subcultures related to the emo scene.

Graphic Gazes

tank top

Image Credit: Pinterest

Drawing inspiration from the grunge culture of the 80s and 90s, the E-girl aesthetic embraces worn-out graphic tees featuring bands like Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, and Arctic Monkeys. 

Whether repurposing an old tee into a tank top or opting for a fresh piece, oversized fits are a common choice.

Layer these tees over striped shirts or neon full-sleeved tops for added flair.

Mystical Mesh

E-girl outfits

Image Credit: Pinterest

Sheer fabrics, particularly fishnet, add an element of mystery to E-girl outfits. 

A classic black and white pair of fishnets can stand the test of time, often worn when going all out with your clothing style. 

For those hesitant to bare skin, neon fishnets serve as a striking accessory over shorts or crop tops, elevating the overall look.

Pants and Skirts

Pants and Skirts

Image Credit: Pinterest

Flared pleated skirts dominate the soft E-girl aesthetic, while edgier variations lean towards tight silhouettes like black denim or leather skirts. 

The combination of fishnets and skirts offers versatility, pairing well with heels, boots, or even flats. 

Skirts also set E-girls apart from the typical E-boy style, characterized by black skinny jeans.

When it comes to pants, comfort takes precedence. 

E-girls confidently wear both ripped and non-ripped skinny and baggy jeans in shades of grey and worn-out black.

 Leather makes an appearance when the outfit calls for an elevated touch.

Dress Distinction

While dresses are not the most common piece among E-girls, Japanese kawaii culture has introduced alternate versions of the ‘maid dress’ to the internet scene. 

Some may argue that dungarees serve as the equivalent of a dress, but these unique dress variations bring an extra layer of charm to the E-girl aesthetic.

E-Girl Accessories


Lockdown-fueled DIY trends skyrocketed E-girl hairstyles to new heights. 

Coloured strands framing the face, easily achievable with a home coloring kit, serve as the most basic yet impactful hairstyle. 

Ponytails and space buns, although requiring maintenance, are defining hairstyles for E-girls.


E-girls elevate jewelry to an art form, drawing inspiration from punk influences. 

Silver chokers, whether in circle or heart-shaped designs, take center stage as the most common necklace accessory. 

These chokers are often layered with dangling crosses and hearts that gracefully extend down to the torso.

Leather straps in black or pastel hues, adorned with pins and pointed studs, provide an additional dimension to necklaces. 

Chains used for these dangling beauties vary from thin to thick, making a statement on their own.


E-girls embrace a variety of rings, whether adorning earlobes or fingers. 

Connected chain links feature motifs consistent with the overall aesthetic, maintaining a cohesive look. 

Silver emerges as the predominant color choice, complementing the calm yet eerie personalities of electronic enthusiasts.


Completing the ensemble, E-girls opt for statement footwear. 

Heeled boots, Doc Martens, or Mary Jane shoes are popular choices, seamlessly pairing with knee-high socks for a stylish look on any occasion.

Screen-Ready Makeup Magic

At its core, E-girl makeup emphasizes shaped eyebrows, bold eyeliner, eyeshadow, a natural blush, and tinted lips. 

However, on the digital stage, more is more. Bold cat eyeliner, intense eyeshadow, and prominent blush in various shades of pinks, reds, and purples serve as makeup staples.

For a creative touch, consider adding stamp-like motifs of hearts and stars as freckles. 

Blush tones often mirror the hair or t-shirt color, creating a cohesive and harmonious look from head to toe. 

The E-girl makeup routine is a canvas for self-expression, allowing enthusiasts to showcase their individuality and artistic flair.

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