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These Gen Z Makeup Trends are Taking Over the Internet!

Hey, millennials, here’s the scoop: the 2020s are all about catching up with Gen Z’s vibe.

This crew marches to the beat of their own drum, especially in the realm of beauty experiments. 

While millennials rocked the beauty scene with contouring, highlighting, microblading, and false lashes – all in pursuit of that flawless social media look – Gen Z has a different game plan. 

Their makeup mantra?

Go with imperfection, keep it real, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

It’s all about celebrating individuality and leaving room for a little quirkiness in your look.

Blue Shade:

Blue Shade

Image Credit: Pinterest

Shades of blue are getting a lot of attention, especially a color called aquamarine. 

Pinterest experts say it’s going to be popular in 2024, especially among Gen Z and Millennials.

They think people will find new ways to use this color in their makeup. 

They’ve noticed that searches for things like “blue eyeshadow aesthetic” went up by 65% this year.

And searches for “fun blue nails” went up by 260%! 

Searches for “aqua makeup look” also increased by 100%.

Gleaming Eyes:

Gleaming Eyes

Image Credit: Pinterest

Say goodbye to heavy glitter and hello to a subtle shine!

The trendsetting Gen Zers are opting for a delicate glaze on their eyelids. How? 

Start with a neutral eyeshadow base and top it off with a frosty metallic shimmer.

For the perfect pop, match your lips with the neutral base eyeshadow. It’s all about that effortless glow!

Plump & Pouty:

Plump & Pouty

Image Credit: Pinterest

Millennials mastered contouring, but Gen Z is taking it up a notch – on their lips!

Create the illusion of fuller lips by expertly overlining with lip liner, especially at the cupid’s bow. 

Add depth with a darker shade on the edges and a lighter one in the center.

Top it off with a clear or neutral gloss for that irresistible pout!

Shiny Blush

Shiny Blush

Image Credit: Pinterest

We’ve already witnessed glossy skin and nails taking the spotlight, and now it’s time for our blush to join the shiny trend. 

Predictions suggest that blush textures will become more glossy and balmy, aiming to offer a subtle flush and a hydrated appearance. 

Expect to see a combination of layers, such as liquid highlighters paired with creamy blush formulas. 

Cream blush is particularly praised for its ability to create a healthy-looking flush, easily blendable with fingertips or a beauty blender.

These formulas are noted for their skin-like feel and customizable intensity.

In terms of application, anticipate a focus on placing blush directly on the apples of the cheeks for a doll-like effect in 2024. 

Alternatively, for a sculpted finish, applying blush slightly above the apples of the cheeks is recommended for a lifted, radiant look. 

Popular products for achieving this fresh and youthful appearance include Chanel Lip and Cheek Balm and Kylie Lip and Cheek Glow Balm, preferred by makeup artists for their effectiveness.

Stellar Sparkle:

Stellar Sparkle

Image Credit: Pinterest

Euphoria-inspired makeup gets an upgrade!

Start with a neutral base and amp it up with a shimmer. 

Then, add some definition with finely lined lids and a chic mini wing. 

Elevate the look with tiny rhinestones at the outer corners. 

Pro tip: raid mom’s stash for some silver bindis for that extra sparkle!

Foxy Eyes:

Foxy Eyes

Image Credit: Pinterest

Get ready to lift your look with the foxy eye trend! It’s a minimal twist on the classic cat-eye that accentuates your eyes effortlessly. 

Simply follow your eye’s natural contours, extending sharp wings on both ends while leaving the middle bare.

For added drama, opt for a colored liner – bold and beautiful!

90’s Trend

90’s Trend

Image Credit: Pinterest

Another trend that’s sticking around into 2024, building on what we’ve mentioned before, is the ’90s. 

According to Diane’s prediction, makeup inspired by ‘90s supermodels will still be popular.

Icons like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, and Kate Moss continue to influence makeup looks.

So, what defined ’90s glam? It was glamorous yet effortlessly chic.

Think neutral eyeshadows, sometimes with a subtle, sultry smoky eye, well-defined brows, a healthy-looking complexion with gentle contouring, rosy cheeks, and nicely-lined lips often finished with gloss. 

Diane confirms that the ’90s vibe isn’t going away anytime soon, and she’s loving every moment of it.

Splash of Color:

Splash of Color

Image Credit: Pinterest

Add a burst of color to your makeup routine! Choose your favorite shade – whether pastel or earthy – and apply it as a subtle wash on your lids. 

Match it with a lipstick in a similar hue for a fun yet understated look.

Finish with mascara and clear gloss for that perfect pop!

Lustrous Lips:

Lustrous Lips

Image Credit: Pinterest

Gloss is back in the spotlight, giving a fresh twist to the no-makeup makeup look.

Whether tinted or clear, a high-shine gloss is the way to go. 

Wear it alone or over your favorite lip color for that natural allure.

Complete the look with a touch of blush, mascara, and a chrome highlighter – effortless beauty, Gen Z style!

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