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Blue Adidas Sneakers are Stealing the Spotlight for Summers

Blue Adidas Sneakers are Stealing the Spotlight for Summers

When we say the buzz word blue Adidas, it makes millions of hearts pump with excitement. 

Blue is an evergreen color, and if it is taking over the 2024 summers – it’s not at all surprising. 

Vintage sneaker styles have been gaining popularity for a while now – especially Adidas. 

So, it’s not a coincidence that the trend has all taken over the world in the last few weeks.

It’s a fresh twist when it comes to its look – that’s what makes it popular among anything else. 

As we are entering the beautiful summers, light blue Adidas is adding a touch of brightness to the coolest outfits you wear. 

Let’s discuss the trendiest models – 

Adidas Handball Spezial

Adidas Handball Spezial

Image Credit: Pinterest

They are among the hottest sneakers if we talk about the 2024 trend.

These were made in the late 1970s originally to help the handball players do their best in terms of their performance. 

If you are looking for a pair for spring, you can try the soft sky-blue shoes. 

They have a coolest retro look with a dark brown rubber sole.

With the summers rolling around, you really want to try these bolder looking shoes. 

Same as the neon blue ones with red details on them, these really catch the attention of everyone around. 

Adidas Gazelle

Adidas Gazelle

Image Credit: Pinterest

These are super popular shoes so you can’t go wrong with them, no matter when and where you are wearing them. 

The first option is the modern version that is of 1979 Gazelle Indoor.

It has a cool textured suede surface that is of bright blue color. 

Further, it has white leather accents on the strips and heel tab.

Or, in case you want something darker, you can choose a deep blue version with matte black leather details.

Keep the matching laces. 

Adidas Campus ’00 and SL 72RS

Adidas Campus ’00 and SL 72RS

Image Credit: Pinterest

These are a brand new addition for this season.

It has got a bulky design that brings back the coolest features of the 80s model. 

It was inspired by skateboarding, and still grabs the attention of many.

If you are more fond of old-school sneakers, but you want something more streamlined, you need to try these Adidas SL 72RS. 

These are classic shoes from the collection.

The fabric on the top with white details and a touch of red on the sole, makes them attractive and beautiful. 

Adidas VL Court

Adidas VL Court

Image Credit: Pinterest

These are a bonus for those who are after a simple style.

Adidas VL Court 2.0 is also known as the iconic t-toe shoes.

They come in a soft pastel blue color. 

These shoes have a preformed rubber sole and classic white stripes that makes them look even more attractive. 

Alternatively, there is a 3.0 version of the VL court with a chunkier design and a logo detail on the side.

It comes in different colors. 

How to Style?

Adidas blue sneakers

Image Credit: Pinterest

Twice as Nice

Matching sets are the easiest way you can consider to show off your style.

They are super comfy and easy to style because you don’t have to think twice how to complement them with the outfit. 

Plus, you can wear them or mix them with other clothes you have in your closet.

Try bold colors to add a twist in your look, and wear them with Adidas blue sneakers to really stand out.

Cozy Day Vibe

Blue sneakers really add a cool touch to any fancy outfit you wear.

It can include suits or summer dresses. 

But they also look great with relaxed clothes that feel comfortable when you wear them.

Their sleek design creates a balance with loose, oversized outfits. 

Retro Fever

The fashion trends still get an inspiration from the 70s fashion, especially when it comes to velvet and flared pants. 

You can mix these trends to get a vintage vibe from the outfits you wear.

Pair your outfit with blue sneakers to keep it modern, and stick with the same colors for a polished look.

A Pop of Colors

You can add some excitement to your outfit with these sneakers. 

The blue color can brighten up any neutral outfit you wear.

These are classic shoes that make the simple outfit look more stylish.

You can even pair them with tank tops, leather jackets, or tailored trousers. 


So, you got a new pair of sneakers. Get ready to make the best out of them.

Pair them with your favorite outfit and steal the spotlight this summer. 

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