Four British TV Shows To Binge-Watch This Christmas Season

Christmas Season

Audiences are keenly interested in the Meghan Markle-Prince Harry drama. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of spice, especially when it involves the tightly lipped family of United Kingdom’s longest-ruling matriarch! With the Oprah tell-all interview of Prince Harry-Meghan Markle raking high in viewership stats on television, it simply points towards our fascination with the glamour of London Life. While the pandemic made us spend more time at home, it allowed us an opportunity to catch up with all the TV shows that we wanted to watch in our free time.

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If You Are Interested In Understanding Aggression of the 1900s – Watch Peaky Blinders

How can you miss this show? A period of British production that has become popular for its characterization, dialogues, and unique settings. Not to forget the direction or the music are a class of their own. The style and feel of the show feel different from the first scene that set in the year 1919, the starting point of the show. The show highlights the class divide that was a prominent feature of the British Society back in the early 1900s.

The show introduced the characters through the clothes they wore, making their identities stand out from the other characters parallel to them. Three-piece suits with flat caps and the infamous undercut became the appeal of the show. Moreover, the show did not only popularize men’s fashion in the UK, it influenced men and their grooming habits. So even if you have not binged on the series but have seen clips of a few seconds, then the creators of the show have been successful in leaving a long-lasting impact on you.

If You Are Interested In Watching Upper-Class British Drama, Watch Downton Abbey or The Crown

The show, Downtown Abbey, was the quintessential upper-class British drama with an Austenian focus on the lives of the residents occupying the Crawley Estate in the English countryside. Successfully lasting for six seasons, it shed light on the family living in a bubble of wealth and privilege, successfully engaging target audiences with their nit-picking internal drama and politics. However, it also showed the transition that English society had to go through, especially after the end of World War II.

Another British series, The Crown that focused on the historical evolution of the present ruling upper class of Britain, this time on Queen Elizabeth herself and the life she led with her husband, Prince Philip. However, the show has been anything but straightforward, for it has touched controversy upon controversy since its launch. While it’s not exactly a highly fashionable show but is called to be one of the most expensive series that has been produced for television as yet! Watch it if you are a history buff or are simply trying to make sense of this decades-old appeal that has enveloped the royals forever. 

If You Are Interested In Watching British Dry Wit Come To Life, Watch Agatha Christie’s Poirot

Agatha Christie’s Poirot was brought to life on the television screens through a mix of great sets, witty dialogue, and smart pace. While staying true to the essence of the original text, the show set a benchmark in the industry, reinforced by the sense of style of the main character(s) as well. Poirot held an avid interest in several disciplines from Art Deco to clothes to solving murders and was loved by audiences so much so that it has a successful 24-year run to its credit. Even though the setting of the show was in the 1930s, Poirot’s Edwardian sense of style gave a comic twist to a seriously sensitive issue at hand. Although the show was about murder mysteries, it successfully brought the whole family together, entertaining social circles with its foibles and an uncanny intellect. 

Final thoughts … 

When it comes to weather conditions, Christmas is usually peaceful. However, you must understand the relationship between the weather and your internet connection, which can help you troubleshoot if an internet issue randomly pops up! We suggest investing in an internet service provider that can not only entertain you with attractive bundles but also facilitate you with its excellent customer service. However, if your internet service is running smoothly without any abrupt malfunctions, simply enjoy binge-watching the above-mentioned tv shows or the ones that you missed!