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Amazing Tips For Styling Your Home With Subway Tiles

subway tiles

Get ready for fascinating decor with subway tiles! 

Each one of us knows that subway tiles need no introduction. This is because it’s famous in different types of home design for years. Apart from the unique and bold look, there are some classics that you can go for. You’d be amazed to know that subway tiles are the most popular seller ever! 

Subway tiles originated more than a century ago by the architects called LaFarge and Heins. Originally these subway tiles were used for perfect subways because these were clean, simple, and economical. Their effectiveness helped them reach various cities and countries. Rom London’s Underground to Paris’s Metro, these beautiful subway tiles reached every corner of the universe. Soon, they became popular above the ground as well and were used in Victorian kitchens by many. Don’t forget the bathrooms where these tiles were used because of their sanitary features.  In the present era, subway tiles are more about the style statements but that doesn’t mean they are not durable or functional. Most people love this combo of subway tiles in their kitchen as well as the bathroom. 

How to decide whether to go for gloss or matte finish?

If you want a more elegant and traditional look, go for the glossy finishes. These reflect the quality that will make your space appear brighter and lighter. Matte finishes offer relaxed appearances and casual surroundings. These don’t reflect light but gives your space a calmer look. As far as the cleaning is concerned, matte and glossy finishes both have their advantages. Matte tiles don’t smudge as easily as the glossy tiles, however, it’s easier to wipe and clean the glossy tiles. 

What color grout to choose with white subway tiles? 

Grout has an incredibly amazing impact on the tiles and spaces around it. You always have three options matching contrasting or complementary grout. One of the best options for you to depend on is the objective of the final look. If you match the tile colors to the grout, it gives a clean, elegant, classic, and dramatic look that shows off the pattern with a seamless appearance. If you go for a neutral and complementary grout shade, add subtle contract without it being a focal point. Opt for the colors that accents the overall design and tiles. Contrasting with your grout color means you’re adding character, bold and dramatic look to your tile by showing off its pattern. In this way, the grout becomes a part of the design rather than that of the backdrop. 

How do you match subway tiles with your cabinets?

If you talk about matching subway tiles with your cabinets, there’s no matching formula for this. It’s all about what’s appealing to you. One tip is that you must have a look at your closet, see what colors gravitate you, check your clothing style, whether you want a monochromatic look or a simple one? Answer all these questions for yourself before you begin with the selection of subway tiles. 

To briefly conclude, think about contrasts and colors. See how your subway tiles will look at your place. Imagine and conclude on the basis of all the questions that pop up in your mind. Make a wise decision based on your tile choice.