Don’t Overthink! Just Draw What Comes to Your Mind

Don’t Overthink! Just Draw What Comes to Your Mind

So, finally you must have decided to show your creative side, and take small steps in the world of creativity. 

Are you interested in art, painting, or illustration?

Well, let’s go through all the basics to provide you some inspiration regarding how you can do it.

As a beginner, you don’t need to worry about creating mind-blowing illustrations and drawings.

The important thing is to enhance your creativity and create something amazing, so feel free to draw whatever comes to your mind. 

You can even take help from YouTube or anywhere else.

You can even go with these useful tips to learn how you can start with your drawing projects. 

Drawing Ideas for Beginners

There is nothing wrong if you are starting with even the simplest design to draw. What matters the most is your interest and skills. 

If you want to get started then you need to learn how to bring your sketch to life. 

Flowers and Plants

Flowers and Plants

Image Credit: Pinterest

Nothing can beat that good old school sketch of flowers and plants.

It sounds as simple as possible. 


Image Credit: Pinterest

But if you want to let your imagination flow, use the basic techniques and brushes, the end results will surely exceed what is expected. 

Check out these drawing ideas for inspiration. 

Simple Animated Art

Simple Animated Art

Image Credit: Pinterest

Animated illustrations can vary depending on the complicated style and the simplest drawings.

However, if you are a beginner, you can start with your favorite anime character. 

Animated Art

Image Credit: Pinterest

But no matter how simple or easy it can be, your own mindset and the passion to draw an amazing character can enhance your drawing. 

Below are some samples that you can consider for your simple animated art. 

Handcrafted Lettering

Handcrafted Lettering

Image Credit: Pinterest

If you want to let your pen do the taking, nothing can be a better option than calligraphy. 

It is also a form of art, and when you use an app on your iPad and Apple pencil, you can do amazing calligraphy to grace your projects. 

If you want to make lettering even fun, you can add some doodles.

Here is the examples.

amazing calligraphy

Image Credit: Pinterest

Is drawing human characters too complicated?

Drawing people, even with the cartoon eyes, can be incredibly daunting and what can you do instead? 

Go with drawing animals. Drawing cartoon animals is easier than drawing cartoon humans. 

An added bonus is that cartoon animals can be extremely cute and humorous and readers can make the drawing more relatable if it has the animals in them as compared to the humans. 

1. Replace Humans with Animals

Replace Humans with Animals

Image Credit: Pinterest

So, what do you love to eat?

Do you love to eat chicken?

Fish? or Crabs?

Why not cook, eat, and draw at the same time.

You can take inspiration from your meal to draw something interesting and yummy.

cartoon animals

Image Credit: Pinterest

2. Draw Something like John Potter

John Potter spent around years as a newsroom artist in Montana, USA.

He is a traditional landscape artist, but no one is there who doesn’t admire his drawings. ‘

Here is what you can do as an artist. 

John Potter

Image Credit: Pinterest

3. Put your efforts to draw something funny

draw something funny

Image Credit: Pinterest

Just wait for five minutes and see what you can cover in those minutes.

Think about your favorite cartoon, plant, animal, bird, or anything.

Surely, you are going to make something amazing that you must not have even thought about. 

amazing cartoonImage Credit: Pinterest


Still not sure how you can get started.

You need to take out some time for yourself.

Create a timetable like you do for studying.

I know starting with the basics can be hard, but I am sure you can draw something amazing.

Just think about your favorite things and provide them with life by drawing them on a paper.

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