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How To Start a Conversation with Any Stranger on LinkedIn?

How To Start a Conversation with Any Stranger on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is all about networking and strangers! 

The sentence has three important words and of course those are inseparable.

You cannot actually accomplish any one without the other two. 

So, what do you think?

Do you really need to talk with a stranger or you actually don’t know what this conversation is all about?

“Networking is all about connecting with the unknowns, the strangers, and then adding them to your connections to make them known. 

In short, a network can make any stranger a known friend. 

I know when we hear the word “stranger” we feel like how?

But I would like to say that it’s normal.

Very much normal. 

All you need is to gather up your courage, and reach them without any hesitation. 

And it’s not a one day or a week process.

It can take time to gain confidence to interact with unknowns to fight this situation. 

So, take out your time. 

Make sure to start a conversation with at least one stranger in a day using the tips highlighted in this article.

With time, you will see positive results. 

Greet them professionally 

Choose one stranger and give them some importance by addressing them with their names.

It not only gives identity.

IT gives a sense of realization that the person matters a lot. 

Make that stranger feel that they really matter by addressing them with their names. 

When you just say, “Hi! How are you?”

It feels like you are doing the same text to everyone.

However, when you address them with their names, it creates a lot of difference. 

Hi Payal Badhran, How are you doin’?”

It increases those chances that Payal will surely revert back.

No matter how complicated it can be, go ahead with personalized talking. 

Be reasonable by giving reasons

Some strangers actually want to know why you want to connect with them.

Don’t just leave your message with a simple greeting. Instead, specify your reason.

The reason can be as simple as possible. 

You can write something like – 

I went through your profile and it really has made a remark. Would you please help me to improve my LinkedIn profile as well?


I have seen your recent post. It was very informative, and I really want to be in your network to gain some more valuable insights.”


I have gone through your profile, and I am very much impressed. I would like to know more about your work – I think it’s really fun and interesting.”

Be Patient

Usually, people rush to get responses.

Let them take their time.

Maybe they are busy with their work so be patient. 

Don’t just send back to back messages even if that stranger has seen your message but hasn’t replied. 

Remember, you know yourself but the stranger doesn’t know about you.

So, send a polite follow up message after 2-3 days. 

Before you make another person feel uncomfortable with a bundle of messages, just ask them if they are okay to discuss about the topic you have mentioned in your last message.

You can even wait for the reply. 

Mostly, in 6 out of 10 cases, you usually get a positive response. 

The Remaining 4 cases show that the person is not at all interested in talking to you. 

Not to worry too much, move to the next step. 

Thoroughly observe and analyze before replying

Avoid getting too formal or too informal in the beginning when you interact.

You don’t know anything about the stranger and their style of communication so you need to observe their responses and then think about responding. 

Observe their word choices, emojis, and then use the punctuation marks. 

Hey…how are you?….

Hey, how’s you?

Hey, how are you? :)

Heyyyy, how r u! 

All these sentences can say a lot of things about your stranger.

You can consider the second and fourth sentence as informal sentences. 

If you want more guidance for your observation, carefully check the person’s profile, their content, and the way they are commenting on others posts.

You will get better clarification. 

However, if you are not being humble and polite, then these observations will not be very fruitful. 

When you say, “Tell me more about your work.” Here you are showing your superiority. 

However, when you say, “would you like to share something about your work?”

Here you are asking for their permission to know about them. 

Definitely, the second sentence can help you get better respect from other people. 

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