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6 Reasons To Add A Round Coffee Table In Your Living Room

6 Reasons To Add A Round Coffee Table In Your Living Room

A living room is never complete without a coffee table. An important element in a living room, a coffee table offers both comfort and function, helping you watch TV, unwind with family, and entertain guests with ease. It can even enhance the appearance of your home, making it look well-organized. 

Coffee tables come in different shapes, such as the round one. A round coffee table is a versatile piece since it can match with any sofa style, such as a sofa with a chaise, a sectional or a standard sofa. Continue reading to learn more about why it’s worth adding a round coffee table in your living room.

  • It Serves Various Purposes

From providing storage to displaying showpieces, round coffee tables serve various purposes in living rooms. Some round coffee tables come in designs with several drawers for storing TV remotes, magazines, or coasters. Others are minimalist and classy with a single storage space. This kind of style is suitable for showcasing green succulents, unique handicrafts, or art sculptures.

For individuals looking for additional space to display their decorations stylishly, end round tables are a great option to complement a coffee table. Creating a unique space, these tables are placed next to armchairs or sofas.

  • It Reflects Your Style

A living room is one of the spaces where you can reflect your style. A beautiful round coffee table will be an important piece that completes it. You’ll find various round coffee table designs, such as round glass coffee tables with a geometric brass base and modern round glass tables with a steel base. Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. A small round faux marble table with a golden X base is a compact piece that will make your space look high-end.

Moreover, a round coffee table can enhance the appearance of your living room. For example, if you want your space to appear larger than it is, you can go for a round glass table. If your living room features a traditional antique, a classic wooden coffee table will be an ideal choice since it’ll add a vintage feel to your space.

  • It Complements Your Sofa Style

Living rooms have different sofa styles, from sleek leather sofas to vintage armchairs. The perfect coffee table should provide adequate legroom for you to sit comfortably. It should also have sufficient height for you to reach items without bending.

When choosing a round coffee table, an important rule is to opt for one that complements your sofa design. Many round table designs pair well with a variety of sofa styles. For instance, white round nesting coffee tables will suit a black leather sofa. Another wonderful choice is a 36-inch round glass coffee table with an openwork gold base, a mid-century modern piece that will exude Hollywood glamour in your living area with a contemporary sofa. For a modern living area that has a sectional sofa, an authentic marble coffee table with a white finish will fit the bill.

  • It Meets Each Household’s Requirements

Each family, such as a newly wedded couple or a young family raising small kids, has different needs. Round coffee tables, in particular, are ideal for families with young children since they can protect the little ones from getting injured when they’re playing. A lovely find for your family home will be a round faux marble that’s not only chic and affordable but also stain- and scratch-resistant.  

Moreover, a big round coffee table is suitable for homes with frequent visitors, as it provides adequate surface area for multiple items. There are even environmentally friendly round coffee tables made of wood, perfect for families that value an eco-friendly lifestyle.

  • It Brings The Entire Room Together

Naturally, a coffee table plays a vital role as the centrepiece in each living room, bringing the entire room together. Without one, your living room feels incomplete. So, adding a coffee table will be like putting the cherry on top of your favourite cake.

  • It’s Beautiful

If you’re looking for an excuse to purchase a round coffee table, it should be its beauty. Besides making your living space gorgeous, round coffee tables are ornaments in their rights. You can choose one in your favourite colour, or better yet, have one made specifically for you, with the material and design to your liking.


A coffee table is as important as other pieces of furniture in your home. Therefore, it’s essential to pick the best one. If you want one that can complement any sofa style or living room design, go for a round coffee table.