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Coolest Summer 2024 Makeup Looks to Wear

Coolest Summer 2024 Makeup Looks to Wear

Hot and sweaty summers are here!

The temperature is becoming hot and hot, and you know what that means—makeup will no longer stay on your skin! 

But what if you want to enjoy the outdoors, go on vacations, and get some much-needed relaxation?

Well, well, It’s the perfect season to experiment with your makeup. 

Some of the hottest trends this summer include – 

  • the natural look of no-makeup, 
  • playful colorful eyeliner, 
  • and bold metallic finishes.

There are plenty of other trends to help you step out of your comfort zone, too. 

You must have seen some Instagram feeds that are lighting up with bright pops of color and unexpected finishes. 

And if you’re a fan of face gems, good news—they’re here to stay.

But what is the most suitable trend for this summer?

Doing what makes you feel great.

We’ve rounded up a few ideas to get you started. 

Check out the best summer makeup trends to rock – 

Creamy Makeup

Creamy Makeup

Image Credit: Pinterest

Cream makeup products are gaining immense popularity and those will remain a staple in makeup kits in 2024.

“People have gotten more comfortable with highly pigmented makeup products,” says Otis. 

“Cream products offer the right amount of color payoff and can be adjusted or blended easily for your desired look.”

Cream products, like blush, eyeshadow, foundation, or lip products, are versatile and easy to use. 

You can apply them with your fingers or a brush, and blend them for a sheer look or build them up for more impact.

You can also mix shades together to get your perfect color.

Another benefit of cream products is that they allow the skin to shine through, making blending easier and giving a natural look. 

People are looking for effective ways to achieve their desired makeup look, and cream products are a great option for that.

Cream products are suitable for all ages and can create a natural or bold look depending on how much you apply. 

Cream lip products are especially versatile and can be applied with your fingers or with a brush for a precise look.

Mob Wives Makeup Look

Mob Wives Makeup Look

Image Credit: Pinterest

Instead of the clean and natural style, people are embracing the idea of going all out with smoky eyes, voluminous hair, and bright lips to enhance their inner Big Ang.

To start, focus on creating a dramatic smokey eye. Start with a neutral shade in the crease for depth, then layer darker colors along the lash line and outer corner, blending them together smoothly. 

Adding a touch of shimmer or metallic shadow can elevate the look.

Experiment with vibrant eyeshadow colors like red, blue, or green for intense and dramatic eyes.

Use an eyeshadow primer first to help the colors pop, then apply the pigments carefully with a brush, gradually building up the intensity.

Don’t be afraid to try different techniques, like tightlining or using colorful eyeliners in unique shapes.

Let your creativity shine through!

For the lips, go for deep berry shades paired with a dark lip liner for definition and long-lasting color. 

Start by lining the lips with the lip liner, then fill them in with a creamy lipstick or lip gloss for a bold and vibrant pout.

Skip Makeup for Glowing Skin

Skip Makeup for Glowing Skin

Image Credit: Pinterest

Get ready for glowing skin with the latest makeup trends for spring and summer.

This trend has been influenced by stunning looks seen on runways.

Achieving a beautiful glow paired with iconic eyes and pops of color is a key trend for the season. 

Airbrushes are popular tools in the makeup industry and are being used to master the art of airbrushing.

For those new to using an airbrush, it’s helpful to team up with someone experienced to avoid mistakes.

Start by applying from a distance with gentle pressure and adjust as needed.

You can also try out new makeup ideas using AI to mock up a look before committing to it.

To achieve a similar look without using an airbrush, use hydrating skincare and a glossy moisturizer with a glowy serum. 

Using a toner to control oils will help create a glowing effect on the skin.

Peachy Makeup Touch

Peachy Makeup Touch

Image Credit: Pinterest

Ah! Peach.

It is the new trend in makeup as we move towards soft peachy tones.

A perfect color for the summers.

Did you know Huda Beauty started a campaign called pink vs peach to celebrate its new Peach Pie powder? 

And guess what?

Now peach is everywhere, even being named Pantone’s official color of the year for 2024.

Makeup artist Belle Hassan says, “This year, peach tones will be everywhere, with many brands releasing peach blushes and powders.”

You can use peach in different ways, like adding a touch of peach to the eyes or creating a peachy lip.

But one popular way is using peaches under the eyes.

“To get a lovely peachy look, start with a peach color corrector under the eyes to reduce dark circles.

Then, apply a brightening concealer and set it with a peach-toned loose powder,” explains Hassan.

“You can also add a bit of peach blush to the cheeks and lips to complete the look.”

How to Get Started?

Decide on your Outfits

“Once you know what you’re wearing, you can start planning,” suggests an expert.

“This will help you decide if your hair should be up or down to match your dress. 

Knowing the color and style of your outfit will guide your makeup choices.”

Consider your entire look—hair, makeup, and clothes—and pick a focal point, advises another expert.

If your outfit is bold, go for a more subtle makeup look. 

For simpler outfits, like a black mini dress, add drama with a smokey eye or bold lip.

This ensures your overall look feels balanced and polished.

Choose a Right Style 

“Start saving pictures of styles you like,” suggests a makeup artist.

“You can create collages from magazines or do it digitally.”

Another tip is to use social media.

“If you’re struggling to decide on a makeup look, use Pinterest for inspiration.

There are many content creators on the app who can inspire your prom makeup dreams.”

Try the Makeup 

Try out your makeup beforehand, recommends a makeup artist.

The day before your event, do your entire makeup routine as you would for prom to make sure everything looks good together.

Take a photo with flash

Before heading out, take a photo with flash to check how your makeup looks in photos, suggests another expert. 

Make sure your body matches the tone of your face, and use bronzer if needed to warm up your face and neck. 

It’s important to avoid flashback, where your face appears lighter than your body, especially in flash photos.

Prepare your skin

Don’t forget to prep your skin, advises the makeup artist.

Let your moisturizer sit on your skin for at least 15 minutes before applying makeup. 

This ensures the moisturizer is fully absorbed, helping makeup to apply evenly and creating a smooth, airbrushed effect.

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