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Bridgerton Inspired Looks You Need to Know

Bridgerton Inspired Looks You Need to Know

Bridgerton series, a captivating tapestry of romance, societal intricacies, and exquisite fashion set against the backdrop of Regency-era London. 

Created by the brilliant Chris Van Dusen and produced by the incomparable Shondaland, the series breathes life into Julia Quinn’s novels, offering a visual feast of opulence, decadence, and timeless love stories.

The Bridgerton series invites you into the lives of the Bridgerton siblings, a charming and accomplished family navigating the challenges of high society. 

From the poised and enchanting Daphne to the broodingly handsome Duke of Hastings, the characters are brought to life by a stellar cast, each performance adding layers to the narrative.

As you immerse yourself in this world, you’ll be swept away by the dazzling balls, intricate courtships, and clandestine affairs—the very fabric of Regency society.

The series masterfully blends tradition with a modern sensibility, offering a fresh perspective on love, duty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The dresses become more than mere garments; they are symbols of status, desire, and rebellion. 

The costumes, meticulously designed by Ellen Mirojnick, transport you to an era where fashion is a language spoken fluently, expressing desires, alliances, and secrets. From the grandeur of the Bridgerton balls to the bold extravagance of the Featheringtons, each costume tells a story.

Bridgerton Outfits

Bridgerton, a captivating series, has gained acclaim not only for its gripping narrative but also for its stunning costume design. 

The dresses in Bridgerton are a visual feast, blending Regency-era elegance with modern flair. 

From intricate ball gowns to everyday attire, the show’s costumes are a testament to the meticulous attention to detail. 

Each dress tells a story, reflecting the characters’ personalities and the societal norms of the time. 

Bridgerton’s dresses have become a fashion inspiration, seamlessly fusing historical aesthetics with contemporary allure.

Bridgerton Blues: 

Imagine yourself attending a clandestine midnight garden party, where the Duke of Hastings awaits beneath the moonlit shadows. 

As you sway to the music, your Bridgerton Blues gown captures the essence of the Regency era, setting the stage for a romantic rendezvous straight out of Lady Whistledown’s columns.

Kate Sharma: 

Picture strolling through the bustling streets of London with a Kate Sharma-inspired dress, catching the eye of the dashing Anthony Bridgerton. 

Your modern allure challenges the norms of high society, creating a storyline filled with spirited banter and unexpected attractions.

Frills, Puffs & Bows: 

Envision a grand Bridgerton ball where you don the Frills, Puffs & Bows dress. 

The dance floor becomes a canvas as you twirl and pirouette, catching the eye of the mysterious Eloise Bridgerton. 

The night unfolds with the promise of newfound friendships and delightful surprises.

Regency Royal: 

Transport yourself to a lavish soiree in a sprawling estate, wearing the Regency Royal gown. 

As you mingle with high society, the enigmatic Simon Basset can’t help but be drawn to your regal presence. 

The ball becomes a tapestry of opulence, romance, and the intrigues of the ton.

High Collars: 

Picture an intimate gathering in the Bridgerton drawing room, your High Collars dress concealing whispered secrets and clandestine glances. 

The enigmatic Penelope Featherington may unravel the mysteries your attire holds, leading to unexpected connections and hidden passions.


Envision a masquerade ball where your Corset dress adds an air of mystique. 

In a dimly lit corner, you share a dance with a mysterious stranger who may just be the Anthony Bridgerton of your dreams. 

The night unfolds with masked allure and the promise of a love story that defies societal expectations.

Casual Bridgerton Vibes:

If you’re not keen on Empire-waist Bridgerton dresses, no worries!

Capture the show’s essence with dresses featuring statement sleeves and loose fits. 

These casual, comfy garments, perfect for home, can effortlessly transition to a day out. 

Whether adorned with a Featherington-worthy print or a contemporary single color, consider these your Bridgerton Lite wardrobe additions.

Chic Hair Accessories:

In Bridgerton, bonnets are a no-go, but elaborate hair adornments steal the show. 

Channel high-society flair with bejeweled tiaras, ribbon headbands, feather headpieces, or floral fascinators. 

You don’t need royal blood to embrace these Queen Charlotte-inspired pieces.

For bonus points, style your hair with period-accurate curls, making Blair Waldorf proud.

Storytelling Necklaces:

Jewelry is a narrative in Bridgerton, and the characters’ necklaces tell their tales. 

Daphne opts for understated pieces like ribbon chokers, while others, like Lady Danbury and the Featheringtons, flaunt opulent statement necklaces. 

Elevate your collection with a new charmer, perhaps inspired by newcomer Kate Sharma? These chokers are the perfect ode.

Footwear Finesse:

From flats to kitten heels, Bridgerton’s ladies give meticulous attention to footwear.

While Regency-era shoes resembled modern ballet flats, take cues from the show’s alternate universe with embellished mules or feather-trimmed heels. 

Whichever option you choose, it’s a low-risk tribute to Bridgerton’s fashion-forward approach.

Glamorous Gloves:

Gloves aren’t just for winter—Bridgerton puts them in the spotlight. Characters flaunt wrist-length lace to opera-length satin styles. 

As gloves make a comeback this spring, follow the trend and make a statement at your next picnic.

Bridgerton-inspired gloves add a touch of extravagance to your ensemble.

Empire Waists:

Let’s talk about empire waists—those dresses that cinch just under the bust and flow down.

Honestly, they might not be the most flattering for those with bigger boobs. 

Modern twists on this style bring the line a bit lower, right above your natural waist, avoiding any maternity dress confusion. 

To keep the Regency vibes alive, go for a dress with a square neckline and/or puff sleeves.

Aim for a midi or mini length instead of a maxi to flaunt those legs and keep the look less formal.


In the world of Bridgerton-inspired fashion, there’s a delightful blend of regal elegance and modern flair. 

From fancy house dresses that bring a touch of the regency era to your everyday wear to elaborate hair adornments fit for a queen, each style narrates its own story. 

Whether you opt for dainty shoes or extravagant gloves, you’re weaving a tale of timeless charm and sophistication. 

So, the next time you dress up in Bridgerton-inspired looks, remember, it’s not just about the attire; it’s about crafting your own narrative of grace, style, and a dash of scandalous allure. 

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