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The Best Green Tea Shots Recipe To Prepare Amazing Shot

Green Tea Shots Recipe

What Are Green Tea Shots?

The classic Green Tea Shot is also known as Jameson Green Tea. It is a popular bourbon-based mixed drink with peach schnapps. It doesn’t contain green tea however it is called so because of its light green color looking like a fermented green teacup. While the actual name is misleading, it is the ideal equilibrium of sweet and sour.

The Jameson bourbon organization designed these little green glasses of enjoyment and acquired prominence around 2011 in the USA, explicitly in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio, before getting on in Canada, India, and the remainder Asia.

What Do Green Tea Shots Taste Like?

Green tea shots are smooth and scrumptious, taking into account how much liquor goes into them. This is because of the expansion of peach schnapps which gives it a fruity taste. Individuals who could do without bourbon can appreciate it since peach is the prevalent taste.

If you intend to make it in any glass other than a shot glass, incorporate a ton of ice. This will weaken the taste somewhat, giving it an enjoyably cool temperature as your taste on it. Regardless of their size, Green tea shots are served chilled, in this way going with it is a brilliant decision for warm summer evenings.

Green Tea Shot Ingredients:

  • 0.5 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • 0.5 oz Peach Schnapps
  • 0.5 oz Sour Mix
  • A splash of Sprite
  • or Lemonade
  • Ice

Equipment needed:

  • Jigger – A small measuring cup meant for cocktail ingredients.
  • Cocktail Shaker – A container for cocktails to hold components that must be shaken to be mixed.
  • Strainer – A specific filter commonly used to separate the cocktail itself from the ice.
  • Shot Glass – Glassware holds an amount of cocktail that can be drunk with a gulp or a “shot.”

What Are The Ingredients Of the Green Tea Shot Recipe?

  • Jameson Irish Whiskey: The green tea shot was concocted by the Jameson bourbon organization; subsequently it is the suggested decision of bourbon. You can utilize other bourbon brands for this recipe.
  • Sharp blend: Sour blend is a pre-made mixed drink blend accessible in most alcohol stores. It consolidates a balance of lemon and lime juice with some basic syrup.
  • Peach Schnapps: Peach Schnapps is a grain soul that has been seasoned with sugar, flavors, and organic products.
  • Lemonade or Sprite: A beverage containing lemony goodness gives a lime flavor to this beverage.


  • Utilizing a jigger, pour equivalent measures of bourbon, peach schnapps, and harsh blend into a shaker and fill it with ice.
  • Now cover the shaker and shake vivaciously.
  • Strain into shot glasses and finish it off with lemonade or Sprite.

Variations of the Green Tea Shot

  • Vegas bomb – A vegas bomb is like a green tea shot since it utilizes bourbon and peach schnapps, very much like the Green Tea shot, trailed by Malibu, Red Bull, and cranberry juice.
  • Bourbon acrid apple shots – Whiskey sharp apple shots are one more variety of the green tea shot that utilizes bourbon and harsh lime blend in with the expansion of cranberry squeeze and sharp apple pucker.

When Are They Usually Served?

Since green tea shots are green and generally contain Jameson Irish Whiskey, they are the mixed drink of choice for a St Patrick’s day party. What’s more, we know quite well that drinking while starving isn’t the most intelligent thing to do, smoked shrimp and spiced eggs are your go-to food if you are hosting a get-together.

To Wrap Up:

Even though this Green Tea Shot doesn’t contain green tea, it still in some way tastes as though it does. This marvelous bourbon shooter consolidates Peach Schnapps, sweet and harsh, lemon-lime pop, and Irish Whiskey, and is ideal for individuals who are simply dunking their toe into the universe of bourbon. This shot is ideally suited for all you Jameson consumers out there as well, since, although it has a lot of fixings, you can taste the popular Irish bourbon flavor profile. These awful young men are amazing as party shots, pre-gaming shots, or simply a few fun little shooters to break out with when you have companions over.

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