How to Know if You Can Trust a Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor

Depending on where you live in the country, you might have to choose from hundreds of different roofing contractors. Some of them will be good, some of them will be bad, and some of them will be crooks. Weeding out bad contractors is not complicated, however. They’re usually very easy to spot once you know what to look for. There are also things that all great contractors share in common. Let’s take a look at how you can tell if you’re dealing with a contractor you can trust. 

They Have a Great Reputation in the Community

The first sign that you’re dealing with a trustworthy company is that they have a great reputation. They also need to have built this reputation by working in your community. If you’re looking for Michigan roofers, for instance, you have to make sure that their operation is based in the state. Some companies may be based in different states and try to expand to different markets. If they happen to fail in a new market, they will usually close their offices there. You don’t want to be left having to deal with a roofer in another state because of a failed expansion. Michigan roofers like Rock Solid Exteriors, for instance, have been in the area for more than 25 years. So, when a company like this says that they offer a lifetime warranty, you can expect them to back it. 

They Are Ready and Willing to Submit Paperwork

Any contractor you work with should be able to show you their license and proof of insurance. If they fumble their words when you ask them, or flat out refuse to show paperwork, run away. This is one of the clearest signs of someone who’s operating fraudulently. You also have to make sure that their employees and any subcontractor they work with are covered as well. If one of their employees gets injured while performing the job and they’re not covered, you could be the one who ends up footing the bill, so beware.

They are Transparent with the Process

A good roofer will also show transparency and will make their contracts as clear as possible. You will be able to see a timeline for the project, what materials will be used, and how payments will work. There will be information about how things like removal will be handled and the procedure for follow-up repairs.

They Offer a Solid Warranty

Another thing that you should see on the contract is their warranty. It should cover materials and workmanship for a good period. A standard warranty would cover your roof for 40 years. You will need to read the fine print carefully, however, as different companies will have different terms. You also have to know what could end up invalidating the warranty. This is important if you intend to make modifications in the future.

These are all signs that the roofer you have in front of you may be trustworthy. Take the time to vet companies thoroughly and compare their service so you can get an idea of who would be a better fit.