Wedding Planning Tips for Your Big Day!

Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is one of the biggest projects you will ever undertake. It’s natural to feel daunted by the prospect of such a huge commitment, but you’re also bound to feel excited once the plans start coming together. After all, it’s one of the most important days in your life and something you’ll remember forever. 

Whether you have had ideas in mind since you were very young, or you haven’t got a clue as to where to start, you have come to the right place. We have some useful advice to help you plan your special day!

Start Planning Early!

Even if your wedding date is a few years away, it’s always a good idea to get planning as soon as possible. In doing so, you’ll feel less stressed as the big day approaches. By evaluating ideas early on, you may find that there is greater availability of venues, and you’ll be able to choose the date that suits you best. What’s more, you’ll ease the financial burden, by spreading out the cost, as opposed to having to pay everything in one fell swoop. 

Set a Budget

It would be wise to set a budget for the wedding from the very start, so that you’re aware of how you’re going to split the costs between vendors. Knowing your exact expenditure can help you decide on a venue, the number of guests to invite, and all the finer details that you want to include. 

If you’re worried about keeping track of finances, it may be useful to hire a wedding planner to give you advice on how to best allocate your budget.

Be Selective with the Guest List

The guest list is one of the most contentious subjects of any wedding! Choosing who to invite, can be one of the biggest headaches for any couple. However, as the cost per head is one of the major expenses of any wedding, don’t feel guilt-tripped into inviting people just for the sake of it. While your relatives may have other ideas about which guests should be in attendance, it is ultimately up to you to decide who to include. 

Give the Groom Things To Do!

It’s long been believed that brides have the desire to control the entirety of the wedding plans, but it’s important to remember that it’s the groom’s special day too. Therefore, it is wise to divide tasks between you, to prevent the overwhelming burden of responsibility on one person’s shoulders. He might like to get involved by choosing the DJ or live band, selecting his own Titanium Ring, or even managing the to-do check list. 

Practice Self-Care

The lead-up to the big day can be quite stressful – so don’t forget to put your own needs above all else. If you can feel yourself getting anxious, try and take your mind off the wedding for a while, whether it be a casual night out with friends, soaking in the bath, or practicing meditation

Read Agreements and Ask Questions 

Spend time researching various contractors before making any final decisions with bookings. This includes the venue, catering, decorators and photographers, and so on. While you may be looking to save money wherever possible, be aware that some deals can be too good to be true, resulting in poor quality – so don’t be fooled by an pleasing price. 

Always ensure that both you and your partner read every single agreement thoroughly, before you sign, to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting, and ask as many questions as possible. For example, if there was any need to cancel or postpone the wedding, would you receive a full refund? Are you aware of exactly what is included in the package, and are there any extra charges hidden in the small print?

Knowing precisely what to expect on your wedding day, will avoid confusion and disappointment, and ensure your wedding day goes off without a hitch!