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Candle Holders: a Light in the Dark

Candle Holders

The well-known elegance and refined style in Venice’s buildings have always been a reference point for artists. They were coming from all of Italy, and Europe itself, during the rise of the Serenissima Republic to admire the sumptuous style of palaces.

Still today Venice is one of the most renowned “cities of art”. The several art exhibitions and the museum in the cities are continuously updated to always offer inspiration for artists.

At the same time, however, the city keeps those magnificent palaces and golden cathedrals, symbols of the glowing peak of the Serenissima Republic during the Middle Ages.

An important piece of architecture is the Bridge of Sighs, maybe the most visited masterpiece with St Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace.

The Bridge of Sighs was built around the 1600s when Doge Grimani ordered the New Prison to the interrogation rooms inside the Doge’s Palace. Previously the prison was located inside the Doge’s Palace, but a terrifying fire damaged it in 1577. Consequently, a new place was needed for the condemned and, around 1580, it was decided to relocate them to a nearby building. The project of the bridge was given to Antonio Contin, grandson of Antonio Da Ponte, the mind behind the Rialto Bridge.

The famous Venetian bridge is an enclosed bridge made of white limestone from Istria. This material is particularly resistant to salt erosion, and it was found when Venetians conquered the Istria territories. The Baroque bridge is composed of two narrow corridors which are separated by a great wall, both leading to the Piombi prison.

red candleholder with decorated stem

A famous prisoner was here condemned: Giacomo Casanova. In 1755 he was found guilty of dissolute conduct and acts against religion, and he was imprisoned in the old Piombi.

From the corridors of the bridge, you can admire the landscape through a few tiny windows made of pierced stone. Directly on the Bridge, it is possible to see the island and the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore on one side and the Canonica Bridge on the other.

Even though its name recalls the last breath of prisoners before their conviction, today the Bridge of Sights is the place where young lovers and married couples are wondered by the beauty of Venice. 

Enlightening the view of these dark times, is it possible to visit the Bridge now and you can admire its refined architecture and the lights game. Particularly, in the Middle Ages, there was no electricity, and the prisoners were led through the corridors by chandeliers.

Today both chandeliers and candle holders represent an elegant way to enlighten home spaces. If they are in Murano glass, they represent a precious piece for your home décor even more.

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