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5 Ways to Insulate Your Home

5 Ways to Insulate Your Home

When either cold or hot weather rolls around, we like to stay comfortable in our homes. So, if your AC unit does not satisfy your needs, it is a sign that there is some other problem. Maybe it is time to insulate your home? There’s really no need to wonder about how much time it will take to do it, if it will keep you nice and comfortable no matter the temperatures outside.

The best way you can ensure that you stay nice and comfortable while keeping your indoor air at the right temperature year-round is to check your home’s insulation and see how you can install it or even improve it. There are a few ways you can do it properly, and if you do it right, your utility bills will be lower. Besides, it will also help keep you nice and comfortable, no matter the season, and pleased knowing that you haven’t spent more money than necessary. That being said, we present you some easy ways of insulating your home. 

Foam board insulation 

If you have glass patio doors which get cold easily, you can reduce the loss of warmth by adding foam board insulation to them. Cut the right size piece of foam board and install it over the doors that are not in use, or over the part of the door if you use them all the time. The best part about this type of insulation is that you can easily install it anywhere in your home, and can even easily cover it up with some wall plaster and paint.

Reduce the air flow 

An excellent way to avoid warm air from escaping and cold air from coming in, is to use weather stripping around doors and windows. This is an easy and inexpensive way to reduce warmth loss since you’ll only need to attach vinyl, rubber or foam strips. Additionally, attic insulation is also very important, because hot air is, as we all know, going up. First, you’ll need to seal up air bypasses around places where warm air escapes into the attic, such as chimneys, wires, plumbing vents and exhaust fans. To close air gaps use high-temperature caulk and expanding foam – the fire blocking type. 

Door snakes 

Another great way to fix drafty doors is by using a door snake. You can make door snakes yourself by using leftover pieces of fabric, a pantyhose, old socks, and filling them with pillow stuffing. Alternatively, you can also use a rolled-up blanket or towel. And while it is true that this is not the best possible solution, it is quite inexpensive and simple to make. Besides, making door snakes can even be a fun family activity, especially if you have small children. 

Heavy curtains 

Heavy curtains on your glass doors and windows can also prevent the escape of warm air or keep the outdoor warmth from penetrating your home. Keep them open during the day to allow warmth to accumulate directly from the sun (on sunny days, of course). Alternatively, draw them over your windows during the night to keep the warmth from hitting the cold glass. You can also do the same during the day when the weather is particularly warm, but then you’ll be denying yourself all the sunshine. 

Window insulation film 

Window insulation films come in sheets that can easily be cut to the exact size you need. After cutting them to the right size, tape them to the window glass and fix them in place by using a blow-dryer. Even though they’re called window films, they can – of course – also be used on glass doors. 

Final thoughts

Even though it is always best to ensure that your home is properly insulated from the get-go, there are still various things you can do to improve the situation if it hasn’t been done from the very start. So, make sure you check out some of these ideas and see which ones can be implemented in your house most easily.