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How To Use Wood In Your Home’s Décor

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Wood is one of the most versatile materials you can use in your home, wood has been used for hundreds of different things over the years and thanks to modern techniques you can use wood in your home for practically everything.

Not only is wood incredibly useful, but it is also a natural material which makes it a very sustainable material to work with, which given the recent concern about climate change and sustainability there is a large demand for wood in the home décor world.

So what can you do to use more wood in your home? Read on to see some excellent ideas of ways you can use wood in your home to achieve rustic looks in your home’s décor.

De-Modernise Your Furniture

If you’re looking for a good jumping off point to add more wood into your home’s décor your furniture is a good place to start. If you have a lot of furniture in your home like chairs, coffee tables and storage units, swapping out what you have for pieces made of wood will instantly have a big effect on the look of your home.

Not only do you get the stylish look of wood in your home by doing this, but wooden furniture is often a lot more resistant than furniture made from materials like plastic. So by swapping your old furniture for wooden pieces will eave you with furniture that will last for generations.

Ditch Fabric Blinds For Wooden Blinds

Most people use fabric blinds and curtains in their home, which is all well and good, but not great if you want to achieve a rustic look. Simply switching out your fabric blinds for a set of wooden venetian blinds will instantly add some farmhouse flair to your home and will look excellent as the sunlight catches the beautiful wood.

Again, there are benefits beyond style when using wooden venetian blinds, of course they look excellent, but wooden blinds will often stay in good condition for longer than fabric blinds would as fabric blinds lose their colour from sunlight exposure, whereas wooden blinds aren’t effected like this to anywhere near the same extent.

Add Wooden Trim To Your Walls

Another excellent way to add wooden materials to your home, is by using wooden trim on your walls. This will add a level of depth to any room you add a wooden trim to and you actually have a lot of options for how you add that trim.

You could add basic trim like adding wood skirting boards to your walls; add a more classy feel with wooden wainscoting; emulate the feel of a cottage by using wooden beams around the edges of walls; or even go for a Japanese inspired look using thin slats of woods to give the feel of traditional architecture like shoji doors. 

Swap Carpet Floors For Wood

Finally you can also add a lot of wooden elements to your home by getting rid of your old carpeted floor in favour of a nice wooden flooring. With wooden flooring you have a lot of opportunities for getting creative and using different types of wood to create different effects.

In general wooden flooring can also be a lot more convenient for day to day life than carpeting is. Wooden floors are a lot easier to clean than carpeting as there is less space for dirt and dust to get trapped and unlike carpeting most wooden floors are stain proof, which is another bonus!