Why You Should Swap Out Your Old Thermostat with a Smart One


Air conditioning and ventilation systems are an essential that are a part of the usual construction of any American household or commercial buildings. Some people tend to install air conditioners and heaters separately but you would often find an air conditioning/heating system in most places. 

These systems are controlled through thermostats installed somewhere in your home – usually in the living room area unless each room has its own thermostat. The beauty of having individual thermostats around the place is getting to control and adjust the temperatures however you would prefer it to be in each room. While all that is great, there are also some problems that we tend to face with our ordinary thermostats. 

Coming back home on cold winter nights, you have to wait a while until the thermostat starts heating up the house after you switch it on, or have to get up in between movie night to keep adjusting the temperature. Similarly it is also hard to detect when there are any issues with the ventilation system or if the filters need cleaning. 

From Traditional To Smart Thermostats 

A better alternative to standard thermostats is getting that new Wi-Fi thermostat that you hear about these days – also known formally as Smart Thermostats. Why should you buy a Smart Thermostat instead of a regular one? Well here is a detailed explanation. 

1. Energy Efficiency 

Smart Thermostats work towards maintaining energy efficiency with your air conditioning and heating systems. Where you would have normally struggled with coming home to a cold house on a winter evening, contemplating whether to leave the heating on the next time, with smart thermostats you don’t have to worry about that. Leaving your heating system on for the duration that you’re out of the house just so it stays warm even when you’re back is great, but a total waste of energy. 

Smart thermostats allow you to switch the device on or off remotely. So if you’re driving back home you can just turn on the heating instead of leaving it on for the couple of hours that you were away for, or come home only to wait twenty minutes for your living room to get warmer. Save energy by switching your device on or off as needed. Some smart thermostats also feature an eco-friendly mode that turns your device down to a literally eco-friendly mode while you’re away – with the help of location tracking and motion sensors.

2. Reduced Utility Bills

When smart thermostats work towards energy efficiency, they also end up reducing heating and cooling bills in the long run. Without unnecessary usage of the thermostat, and having the ability to control the device from practically wherever, users would eventually see a reduction in their billings – which works in their favor!

3. Remote Control

The best part about all smart home devices, including that of Smart Thermostats, is the remote control factor. Every smart thermostat brand comes with its own mobile application that you can download onto your smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Through these mobile applications you can control your thermostat wirelessly and remotely; you could be at the grocery store, at work, in the living room, or even in another country for vacation and still have access to the smart thermostat back home! 

Additionally with the mobile apps, you can get alerts on your mobile devices when filters need cleaning or even track energy history to see where you saved up on energy and where you could work to save on more – there is so much you can do with a mobile app to these devices! This remote control feature facilitates the energy efficiency factor along with several other things.

4. Scheduling 

Smart thermostats have the ability to be scheduled to work according to certain timings set for them to follow throughout the day. With the help of their mobile applications, users can set schedules based on a week, a day, a month, however they prefer it. It’s much better than having to always adjust the temperature from the device or the mobile app. Scheduling makes life more convenient and sets the temperature just right for your home to be comfortable enough.

5. Learning Temperature Preferences 

Certain smart thermostats, like the Google Nest Learning thermostat, for instance, have the technology to let the device learn your preferred temperatures over time. And once it does, it can adjust the temperatures accordingly, automatically. This keeps your home’s temperature comfortable and at one that is best suited to you – you won’t have to keep picking up your phone to adjust the temperature every now and then. Let your smart thermostat do it for you!

6. Smart Sensors

Smart sensors are usually purchased individually and are available with certain brands of smart thermostats. Placing smart sensors in different rooms allows you to control the temperature in each room individually. 

The reasons stated above are enough to convince anybody why they should be switching to a smart thermostat. It is not just energy efficiency that is the best feature of these devices, they also automate your home in the process in their own way. A lot of smart thermostats are even voice control compatible so you can even turn up the temperature or switch off your device with a simple voice command! 

Interested in looking into one for your home? Head on over to and view their catalog of smart thermostats ideal for any home. 

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