Why You Should Dismantle Homeless Camps Now?

Homeless Camps

Living outdoors with no meaningful roof over your head has its own inherent risks. And when a group of people cluster in an outdoor area without proper waste disposal management, it is always difficult to leave such areas without getting infected. Homeless camp cleanup contractors take every necessary precaution when cleaning abandoned homeless encampments. Here are some of the reasons why you should dismantle and sanitize homeless encampments now. 

1. COVID-19

One of the measures to prevent or slow down the spread of the coronavirus is practicing social distancing. Other measures include wearing a face mask and washing your hands thoroughly. 

This is not the case with homeless encampments. Homeless people rarely practice these safety guidelines given that they stay in crowded spaces. Not only that, these places are mostly filled with dirt hence the risk of exposure to the coronavirus is high. They lack access to a good source of water neither do they have the essential protective equipment to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

Commendably, some cities have taken steps to improve the standards of living of their homeless population but it can never be enough given the rise in homeless people daily. Due to the fact that the homeless have no access to basic amenities, the risk of complications is high. Hence, the call for the disbandment of encampments. 

2. Hepatitis

Thousands of homeless people are diagnosed with Hepatitis. As long as homeless camps exist, the risk of exposure to Hepatitis will always remain on the high side. The disease spread like wildfire, particularly when you come in contact with human waste such as feces. Homeless people lack access to basic plumbing hence they defecate anywhere. In this kind of situation, an outbreak of Hepatitis is imminent. 

3. Flies and Fleas

These insects are great agents when it comes to spreading diseases. Some diseases that haven’t resurfaced since the medieval ages are now prevalent in homeless camps. One of these is typhus, an illness caused by fleas that feed and live on rodents

There are many similar diseases that spread from flies that live and feed on animals to homeless people. These diseases need not be handled lightly. Hence, the call for the disbandment of homeless encampments. Moreover, quick steps need to be taken to ensure that these areas are properly sanitized and clean before it spreads to nearby communities and cities resulting in an epidemic. All areas of concern should be decontaminated by homeless camp cleanup contractors. 

4. Respiratory Illnesses

COVID-19 is the main focus at this present time but that doesn’t mean we should neglect other respiratory illnesses. The truth is that some respiratory illnesses are life-threatening and even deadlier than the coronavirus if not properly taken care of. Across the nation, many homeless people are at risk of exposure to a wide range of respiratory diseases such as influenza, tuberculosis, diphtheria, meningococcal disease, and lots more. 

Since they do not have access to healthcare facilities and living in crowded spaces, an outbreak of respiratory illness can spread like wildfire throughout the camp, putting the lives of locals and residents at risk.

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