Why You Should Consider Adding Bean Bags to the Family Home

bean bags

The first bean bag arrived on the scene in 1969, and since then, this quirky seating solution has become popular across the globe. However, despite this popularity, bean bags still have a reputation as playthings. Kids will thank you for incorporating them into the home, but they have a range of benefits that adults should consider.

They’re excellent for posture

Bean bags are that all too elusive combination of being malleable enough to help you get comfortable while still offering ample support for your back. A quality foam bean bag will have just enough give to mold to the contours of your body (in the same way that memory foam works) but won’t be so slack as to collapse completely and leave you slouching. Crucially, that support moves with you. Shift position, and the bean bag will shift to accommodate you.

This kind of support is rare to find and can work wonders for those suffering from back pain. A foam bean bag from a specialist bean bag company like Fombag can also help nerve pain and sciatica in some cases. Even if you don’t have any specific back problems, the posture correcting nature of a bean bag will leave you feeling sprightlier and more mobile.

They’re great if you’re working from home

Family life can be stressful at times, and even more so if you’re now working from home due to the pandemic. Studies have linked working at home to increased levels of tension, and even if you prefer remote work to on site, few homes are kitted out to be a full office space. Home workers often find themselves making do as they go, sitting for long periods on uncomfortable chairs, or slumped at a makeshift desk.

Bean bags are the perfect solution. They’re already popular in office spaces worldwide as a way to relax, so there’s never been a better time to incorporate them into your home. Bean bags can be used as an alternative to office chairs or make a great place to spend a coffee break. Having a bean bag on hand for a scheduled break from your desk will do your mind and body all kinds of good.

They can help children feel calm

Being wrapped in the soft embrace of a bean bag is extremely calming for a child. The sensation of being enveloped by the bag can relax a child that’s in distress or soothe a toddler before bedtime. Children seem endlessly fascinated by bean bags and will certainly enjoy bouncing on them during the day but having a safe and easy way to relax your child before bed is a boon for most parents.

Children can lie on bean bags, sit on them or even use them as blankets. Many parents find that their kids will sink between two bags and seem to enjoy being sandwiched! Either way, the comforting sensation of a bean bag makes children feel safe and, by extension, calm.

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