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What is Sleep Meditation? 5 Benefits of Sleep Meditation

Sleep Meditation

Meditation is one easy method to combat anxiety and depression. This pandemic situation of COVID-19 outbreak has caused a lot of stress in the entire world. People have faced job loss, loss of loved ones, economic breakdown, running out of business, isolation and lockdown.

There are several practices that you may try to come out of mental trauma and meditation is one of them. Different types of meditation techniques conquer different mental health issues. Sleep meditation is one popular meditation technique that looks normal but is very effective. Let’s explore all about sleep meditation.

Sleep Meditation

Guided meditation also is known as Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep is the state of mind of half-consciousness. The moment that you feel after hitting the bed and before falling asleep in the same stage that you feel during Yogic Nidra.

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It is practised widely to relieve stress and ease your mind body and soul. US Army practice this to recover from the post-traumatic stress disorder. Sleep meditation is the practice of moving your focus from your thoughts to the sensation of sleep. Guided sleep is the meditation practice for improved sleep, reducing the effects of insomnia and other sleep disorders.

“Please Note: The major difference between Normal Sleep and Guided Sleep Meditation is that during normal sleep, your subconscious mind takes over, while with Guided Sleep Meditation, your conscious mind is active and awake.”

How to Practice Sleep Meditation

Meditation for sleep is easy to follow the practice. There are a few rules and tips that can boost the effect of sleep meditation. Before you try sleep meditation, here are a few tips to boost up your focus.

 Sleep Meditation Tips

Wear delightful night robe made up of cotton that is breathable.

·         A cooler temperature can help you maintain a perfect sleep and better rest.

·         Buy a special light that emulates daylight to assist you to get up at the same time.

·         Head to sleep on a scheduled time every night and wakeup yourself on a routine time.

·         Utilize dark blinds to turn your room light dark if you wish to hit the bed during odd hours.

·         Limit sound in your room for better results. If there is no background noise, you’ll focus better.

·         Drink plenty of water during the day but don’t drink water 1 hour before you hit the bed.

·         Get regular exercise on a daily basis in any form like jogging, cycling, yoga etc.

·         Reduce the utilization of blue-light gadgets like phone or PC before bed.

·         Tell yourself positive words and thank god to have a good night sleep.

Steps for Sleep Meditation

1.   Close your eyes and lay down on the bed with your hands on your stomach.

2.   Bring down your focus from bouncing thoughts to the sensations of your body.

3.   Run a deep scan of your body and feel the sensation in all the parts of your body.

4.   Feel the sensations such as heaviness, tension, tingling, temperature, or tightness.

5.   Let go your worrying thoughts and feel as if you are in clouds and floating in the sky.

6.   When you are focusing on your brain, feel that you are a leaf and falling down.

7.   Take deep breaths and let the flow of oxygen reach every single part of your body.

8.   You can practice it for a quick nap, long sleep or relaxation for long hours.

“Please Note: While practising sleep meditation, you blend the steps of breath exercise, while taking long breaths, counting your breath, holding your breath, visualize good scenery, hypnosis yourself and feel gratitude for self-existence.”

Benefits of Sleep Meditation

1.   Meditation for sleep helps you to attain peace and rest in the present moment. As you hit the bed, your brain starts the marathon of running thoughts and practising sleep meditation can control those flying thoughts.

2.   Sleep meditation helps a lot in curing symptoms of insomnia and other sleep disorders. Issues related to sleep may cause you stress, anxiety or depression.

3.   Guided sleep meditation activates your parasympathetic nervous system that regulates your heart rate and breath control rate. This change prepares your body to fall asleep.

4.   If you are able to attain a perfect night sleep with the help of Meditation for sleep technique, you can feel the difference during the daytime. Your entire day is rejuvenated and you feel glad and energized throughout the day.

5.   Attain the art of concentration and focusing on something quickly and effortlessly. Guided Sleep Meditation helps you master the art of shifting your focus on something for an unlimited time. This benefit of sleep meditation is going to help you succeed in life as you master the art of controlling your focus.

Wrapping Up

Yoga and meditation are strong and effective practices that can help you reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Take care of your mental health and attain the benefits of sleep meditation. Meditation for sleep is easy yet fruitful from other meditation techniques. It’s an art that you can master and benefit the overall improvement of your mental, and physical health.