What is SAFe and Scrum and How to Work with Them?

SAFe Agilist

Having a good hold over the basic frameworks available in the industry is very much important so that everybody will be on the right track in dealing with things. Undertaking the SAFe Agilist is a very good idea on the behalf of people so that everybody will be able to function very successfully according to the agile values and principles. Although there are very small differences between the scrum and SAFe still it is very much important for people to have a clear understanding of the basic technicalities in this particular area.

Scrum is the competent framework that will be based upon values and principles of agile whereas, on the other hand, SAFe is the framework that will be implementing scrum at the enterprise level. Some of the main details about both of these frameworks have been significantly explained as follows:

  1. It is very much advisable for people to be clear that scrum will be dealing with small, collocated and cross-functional teams and on the other hand SAFe will be dealing with big and multi-geography teams in the whole process.
  2. Scrum will be perfectly adapted by the agile teams and SAFe will be adopted by the enterprises as a whole is not just only the team which very well justify that this is considered to be the perfect extension of the scrum.
  3. The middle management will be playing a vital role in the world of scrum and on the other hand in the cases of SAFe program and portfolio management are the two most important pillars.
  4. The basic construct of the scrum will be scrum team and on the other hand, basic construct of the SAFe will be agile release training or ART
  5. Scrum will be missing out on different kinds of essential aspects and the other hand SAFe will be based upon all the possible features and aspects of the organisation which have to be managed in the whole process very successfully.

The basic major differences between both of them will be depending on how they are choosing to handle the work and in very simple terms scrum is considered to be the basic framework of organising the small teams and on the other hand, SAFe is used in terms of organising the whole organisation throughout the process. Scrum will include important aspects of the same but the SAFe will be managing to contain the different aspects very successfully in the whole process.

Scrum is the iterative method of product development that will be breaking down the project into small segments which will be further compiled by the cross-functional teams into a definite period. It will be perfectly focused on a regular rhythm of delivery and will be releasing the cross-functional teams very successfully so that there is no chance of any kind of doubt. On the other hand, SAFe is the comprehensive approach that will be consuming the enterprise and not just only the team which will further make sure that everything will be carried out very successfully and there will be no chance of any kind of hassle in the whole process. Hence, having a clear idea about SAFe VS scrum is very much important for the organisation to make sure that everything will be perfectly planned by them without any kind of doubt.