Top Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2022

Top Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2022

Sometimes what you find on the internet is not the same as in real life. There are many ups and downs related to cryptocurrency and we have to make sure that we take care of both, keep a balance between them, and also continuously look for opportunities. 

If you see someone being an ultimate champion in the crypto market, have a look at what they are doing but don’t implement them right away. See where you stand, evaluate the worth of your cryptos, and then plan carefully whether you should sell, buy, or store your cryptos.

Around the world, the topics related to cryptocurrencies are trending. The first cryptocurrency of the world, bitcoin, has crossed almost $60,000. With that, we have also seen a surge in SOL (Solana) of 12,600% in the year 2021. 

Many investors are now more inclined towards investing in potential cryptocurrencies that earn them great profits. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, etc. have made it to the news this year. Now, you will be reading here some best cryptocurrencies that you can invest in the upcoming year 2022.

  • Bitcoin 

Bitcoin being the first-ever cryptocurrency fluctuated and skyrocketed wildly. However, if you consider investing in other cryptocurrencies instead, bitcoins still stand on their mark. 

The current price of bitcoin is US$50,490.94 and its market cap is said to be US$954.02 Billion. According to experts and their recent research, you can also enjoy great profits when you invest here. Bitcoins run ledger logging transactions (or a blockchain) that is distributed among a strong network of hundreds of computers. With that business leaders should invest in Bitcoin.

  • Ethereum 

The current price of Ethereum is the U.S. $4,335.27 and the market cap is about the US $514.48. ETH (short for Ethereum) is a forum where you can create online contracts where people can easily use Ether as the currency for their contacts. 

Moreover, it is popular for its smart contracts as well. It has seen remarkable growth of 42,000% in 2021 and is expected to see great progress in the upcoming year as well. 

  • Litecoin

The current price of Litecoin is US$160.88 and its market cap is US$11.15 B. It has around 84 million coins. Litecoin has a block generation period of 2.5 minutes for every block. With such a high speed.

You can confirm transactions more smoothly and rapidly as compared to the network of bitcoins which takes around 10 minutes for transactions to be confirmed. Investing in Litecoin in 2022 will be a great idea as well. 

  • XRP

XRP is created by the founders who established Ripple, it’s a digital technology and a company that processes payments. XRP is used on networks to facilitate different cryptocurrency exchanges of popular cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, and DODGE, etc. 

This cryptocurrency is known to skyrocket in November and we can buy it in 2022. Moreover, the current price of XRP is US$0.8187 and the market cap of XRP is US$38.64 B.

  • Binance Coin 

Binance Coin is created and promoted by the Binance exchange. Its current price is US$574.55 and its market cap is US$95.87 B. Is it based on Ethereum originally and has a Binance chain now. 

BNB is also utilized as a utility token that you can pay your trading fees and transaction fees with at a low price. You can also trade and exchange Binance Coin for other different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2022 

Some experts have an idea that bitcoins will decline drastically in the next few months. They think the cryptos will crash and markets will decline as well. Even though bitcoins are known for their volatility, we will have to be ready for any unpredictable future situations. Moreover, investors are looking for the approval of the fund for bitcoin exchange-traded in the United States. 

Although, no matter what year you are in or what cryptocurrencies you own, each of them will fluctuate or rise at some point. You don’t have to stop strategizing and planning your next steps accordingly. 

Keep doing research and observe the cryptocurrency trends very closely. Even if you don’t understand what to do with the surge in prices or when the worth of cryptocurrencies declines, talking to investors and looking at what they do will help a lot as well.