What are the Many Benefits of Inpatient Treatment Program?

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient rehabilitation is an essential part of a treatment program for addicts. Inpatient treatment programs require individuals to live in the facility full time for 30 days to one year. The length of time someone stays in a program is directly related to the severity of the addiction. It may also be called a residential treatment program. This type of rehabilitation program is ideal for someone with a severe addiction because it offers support and care 24 hours per day. This type of program is not the right fit for everyone, but there are many benefits that should be considered before you make that decision. 

While the length of time for an inpatient stay depends upon specific criteria, you must for at least 28 days. When you first enter the program, you will be diagnosed, current situation, needs, and insurance. You will receive 24-hour supervision and care by therapists and trained staff. You will have constant support and never be alone in your journey. Once you agree to stay in the program for a set amount of time, you are not able to come and go. You must remain in the facility with little to no contact with the outside world. 

You are part of a community. Not only will the staff provide you with support, but so will the other residents. The residents understand what you are going through and offer tips that may help you get through the tough spots. This is an intense program that provides you with a high level of care. All of your time is focused on recovery, even when you are doing things that may not seem that way. Recovery will teach you other ways to handle your worries and stress with meditation, yoga, exercise, or painting. In addition, you will participate in individual counseling and group counseling settings. 

Since you have little to no contact with the outside world, you are free from external distractions. When you are at the beginning of treatment, daily life can get in the way of your recovery. This is why inpatient treatment can help you by allowing you to focus only on your recovery. This is an entirely structured environment that gives you directions on when to get up, when to eat, and when to sleep. Your entire day is scheduled, including your counseling and free time. This may feel rigid to you, but it is a critical way for you to work through your recovery. You will have to spend some time away from your family and work, or school, if you are a student. 

It is essential to know that many insurance companies may not cover your treatment program. You may want to check with your insurance company to see if there is any coverage. You may want to know how much the recovery plan is going to cost before you contact your insurance company. If you would like more information about an inpatient treatment program, contact Pinnacle Recovery Center today.