Need a Translation Company in Dubai?

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Dubai is now recognized as one of the most multicultural cities in the world. undoubtedly, Dubai is a global city with an increasing number of nationalities and spoken languages. Over the recent decades Dubai has made significant progress in its scale of economic activities and development. This transformation has been accompanied by major changes in the legal and administrative systems in Dubai. The successful story of Dubai’s economy relies mainly on its unique business environment that is very attractive to businesses, entrepreneurs and more recently to academics and researchers. In this regard, there is a need for translation companies in Dubai with qualified interpreters and translators. They play an important role in the process of negotiating with other partners, building up cooperation and sometimes in making business decisions.

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The importance of translation companies in Dubai for businesses 

It’s critical that Dubai business do not communicate in Arabic or English alone. In addition to the Dubai’s domestic language diversity, overseas customers and suppliers appreciate being spoken to in their native language. Translation companies in Dubai have been playing an important role in promoting global economic and business development through translating business texts and discourse. Translation office in Dubai is necessary and critical for business growth as it is bridging the cultural and information gabs between nations. Moreover, translation providers in Dubai help you in expanding your business globally through providing localization. Considering that the needs and psychology of people vary from place to place, so you cannot deliver one single thing with one set of the package all around the world. Localization is much more than just direct translation. It is about carefully refining and adapting content to resonate with the cultural and to meet local peculiarities.

The importance of translation offices in Dubai for individuals  

As legal, economic, and administrative systems evolved parallel to growing population mobility in Dubai, the need for documents emanating from official institutions to be translated increased. Texts to be translated in the field of law come from various text genres, bit are mainly documents by which a person wants to enforce a right in another culture: personal certificates, diplomas, contracts, and more. Court sentences and some articles from legislative codes are also translated sometimes for information. But in all these translations, the validity and the meaning of those texts are bound to the source language cultural. Therefore, you must look for a competent translation office in Dubai to ensure that your translated official documents say exactly what the draftsman wants them to say with no opportunities for misinterpretation.

Translation agency for Legal Translation services

Translating different kinds of legal documents like wills, court documents, witness statements, birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving licenses and other contracts is not easy at all. Every translating process is divided into numbers of stages; the whole process is monitored and revised by our legal translation experts. Even minor error in the translation of legal documents can result in lawsuit and legal exposure. Legal translation services involve very complex matters and specialized terminology. Therefore, it is extremely important to assign the legal translation task to a translation expert. However, he/she should be well qualified and specialized to handle translation of legal document. Besides, the expert should guarantee that the target text reflects the purpose of the source text correctly. 

Translation company for Medical Translation services

Translating medical documents accurately requires a native or near native, formal level of language proficiency, analytical capabilities and deep cultural knowledge in the source and target language. A well-established translation entity in Dubai will provide you with 100 percent accurate and thorough translation in the medical business. You should look for translation provider in Dubai who has a team of professional medical translators who are highly specialized in the medical field and extremely cautious about terminology and the exact translation of subject specific terms and phrases.

Alsun Translation Services (ATS) company in Dubai

Alsun Translation Services is recognized as a leading translation company in Dubai. With over 15 years of experience in the translation industry, we specialized in providing translation, localization and interpreting services in a broad range of fields and languages. ATS has enjoyed steady growth based upon quality and clients’ satisfaction. ATS has an established and highly qualified pool of translators, proofreaders, and reviewers who are experts in their native language and their second language, competent in their specific fields and have many years of professional experience. 

Our translation office in Dubai team has the linguistic skills and abilities necessary to handle all kinds of projects ranging from Medical Translation to Legal Translation, Advertising & Marketing Translation, Academic Translation, Technical Translation, Website Content Translation, Financial Translation, Menu Translation, and many. Alsun is your ideal translation office in Dubai for your next translation project. We only assign professional and highly experienced translators ensuring that all our clients are 100% satisfied with the result.

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