User and Design Guide of Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are made using paper-based materials and have greater thickness, durability and other mechanical characteristics. These cardboards are further classified into different types. One of the classifications of these corrugated boxes is double wall cardboard boxes.

Double wall cardboard boxes are a great way to store hefty objects as they provide better strength and durability than simple cardboard boxes. Due to their durability, affordability and flexibility, they are commonly used across a range of industries.

The Architecture of Double Wall Cardboard boxes

Double-wall cardboard boxes were the invention of packaging engineers to meet the demand and prerequisite of carrying heavy products while controlling total cost. These boxes are fabricated using two layers of corrugated cardboard boxes which are called flutes and a liner board.

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The flutes are placed between the layers of the liner board, and this adds extra stability and strength to the cardboard box. The combination of rigidity and flexibility provided by double wall cardboard boxes makes them an ideal choice for long term assembling and moving heavy products.

Packaging engineers design corrugated sheets using machines. Each sheet is trimmed, printed, cut into different sizes and then folded and pasted using glue to form a box. When the work is completed all the boxes are piled, bundled and shipped to consumers.

Uses of Corrugated Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Double-wall cardboard is an excellent choice for products that demand more protection or are heavier. This is so because heavier boxes require good planning and consideration. They are more prone to getting damaged if shock or vibration is provided. They are also a good option for products that are required to be stacked and stored for a longer time in the warehouse or during shipment. As due to its high strength and durability they can better resist long term stacking and storing. More often retailers and manufactures prefer double wall cardboard boxes over other cardboard boxes as they offer great protection, cushioning and security against climate change at a pocket-friendly price.

Business and Industries Where Double Wall Cardboard Boxes More Often Used Are:

  • Furniture and home décor shops and manufacturers
  • Heavy auto parts and electronic machines
  • Gym equipment, sports goods etc.

When to Not Use Double Wall Cardboard Boxes?

Speaking about benefits, single wall cardboard boxes are no less. When products are not heavy or fragile, single wall cardboard boxes are best to use. Also, if your products need not be stored for long or are not reactive to temperature conditions then instead of using double wall cardboard boxes, the use of single-wall boxes should be an ideal choice. This will reduce the overall cost. This is so because double wall cardboard boxes are expensive than a single wall.

Packaging requires proper planning to achieve required targets with no wastage.

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