Top 5 Tricks to Vape Impressively Among Friends


Vaping is unlike smoking for which you need a pro-level to impress your friends in a club or party. In parties it is quite impressive and easiest way to grab attention, you know, to look cool and all. Starting with vaporizer, there are many types of vaporizer, different than what you have seen up to date. There is an e-cigarette vaporizer that looks like a cigarette, also there are vapor pens, e-liquid pods, box mod, etc.

When was the first time you saw a person vaping? May in movies or a club. Your obsession with vaping like a pro is normal. You may also feel that it comes after a lot of practice but it is actually not the case. You don’t need a course to learn to vape, there are some magical tricks. Keep scrolling, if you want to know more.

In Dubai vaping is allowed in smoking zones only and there are some other rules you have to abide by if you want to practice vaping. Well, you can easily buy e-cigarettes in Dubai of genuine quality as local brands can lead to an explosion or other such accidents.


So, here you go for the tricks-

  1. Blow an O like a pro

This commonly known trick is easy to implement if you already know you can scroll past to the next point.

In this trick, you don’t have to inhale or exhale vapors immediately. Take in the vapor, close your mouth. Make the shape of your mouth in a perfect O. Perhaps, the difficult part of tricks lies here. For ease, flatten your tongue and you’ll get the shape. Push the vapor out through the throat.

  1. Dragon trick

This could be an easy trick to start with. Grab your e-cigarette and only use e-cigarette brands of authentic quality even during practice.

Again, you don’t have to inhale the vapor fully. Grab your e-cigarette and take the vapor in, exhale forcefully through nose. Initially, you could feel uncomfortable but soon you will feet normal after practicing. Don’t forget to create an obstacle in your mouth using the tongue to give a smooth side sweep passage.

  1. Ghost hit trick

Again an easy one but ultra-impressive. All you have to do is blow a cloud out and suck it back in sounds simple? But you still need some practice before you set to show it off among friends.

Take vapor in your mouth (take more vapor in one go and don’t inhale). Do nothing for a few seconds and slowly push it off and immediately suck it back.

  1. French inhale/ Irish waterfall

French inhale is not tricky; it just wants your patience. Its first step is similar to ghost one i.e. suck a cloud and let it sit in your mouth. Now release and inhale through nostrils. It is like an inverted waterfall.

After practice, you’ll have a smooth flow, till then just practice.

  1. Triangles

Well, this trick is simple yet amazing. Though, you need to play around the cloud to get the perfect timing. Steps are below-

Let the vapor in your mouth only for a few seconds.

Kick out a ring, give a gentle push to that ring with your hand. Tap on one side of the ring and you’ll convert it in a triangle. You need to figure out the timing to get the exact shape.

You can practice it after you have become pro in making O shapes.

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