Tips to Swear By For Having Thick Brows Naturally!

Thick Brows Naturally


Brows are one of the fundamental facial features. These delicate hairs are generally thick or thin and define the eyes. Also, they allow an individual to express or communicate impressively. Imagine your face without brows, and you would fuss about how weird your face looks incomplete! Well, we all are not blessed with thicker fuller brows, and the rest of us might have lost them just because of poor diet, makeup, or frequent threading. Remember, your brows also need essential nutrients to become fuller enough!

If you have thin eyebrows and want them to be thicker and elegantly shaped; then check out below-mentioned tips to grow thick brows naturally

Avoid Over Waxing 

No doubt, it takes at least six to eight weeks for the brows to grow back entirely, so make sure not to over-pluck or over-wax them.s because sometimes waxing or plucking them often can damage the hair follicle for all time, and chances are they might not grow back ever. So if you want to grow thick brows, avoid frequent tweezing or plucking for a while. And remember, less is more! 

Apply Castor Oil In Routine

Unquestionably, castor oil has been a traditional formula when it comes to having or increasing the growth of brows or lashes. The oil mainly forms with seeds that are rich in nutrients, and make your brows and lashes look thicker than ever. But you need to put some effort into it, apply it twice in a day, or just let it stay overnight for better results. Castor oil nimbly nourishes the hair follicle and helps the hair to grow back thicker at a faster pace.

Bring Vaseline Into Action!

Definitely, brows also demand proper conditioning, and you can keep them straight and firm with the nourished Vaseline. It is simple, just take a small amount on your fingers and apply on your brows twice a day. Don’t forget to massage lightly and let it stay until the next morning. In less than a month, you will surely see the positive results on how Vaseline has helped you in growing thick brows naturally

The Secret Ingredient – Coconut Oil

Yes, coconut oil is the secret formula that acts as an excellent formula for skin and hair. And we simply can’t deny that. Make it a routine, if possible, apply a bit every day on your brows and leave it for the whole night for better results. The best part is that it will protect your eyebrows from any sort of damage and will gradually support its growth. 

A Good Diet

Of course, diet plays a significant role in supporting hair growth. Consume foods that have Vitamin E, C, A, and Biotin content in them. And in a few weeks, you will see the volume of your brows thickening. Else, you can add aloe vera juice to your diet as it helps in hair restoration.

We hope it helps you!