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Tips to Style Travis Scott Fragment Jordan 1 Low

Travis Scott Fragment Jordan 1 Low

Jordan Brand, Hiroshi Fujiwara, and Travis Scott’s Fragment design are the three masterminds that come together to collaborate on not only Air Jordan but also the most liked Jordan 1 Low. It’s a rare sneaker that combines the “rule of three,” and sometimes, the use of three minds can really make a bigger difference. Nevertheless, it is a model in which the Houston rapper and the Japanese designer have tapped for the past link-ups for Jordan Brand. Their Air Jordan 1 Low colorway has a similar color blocking scheme, but these special touches only conjure Scott and Fujiwara.

There are not many more iconic sneakers compared to Travis Scott Fragment Jordan, and it is quickly becoming a staple on the court. Further, today, it has gained massive popularity in both high-fashion and streetwear, so naturally, the question arises, how do you style Travis Scott Fragment Jordan 1 Low?

Well, dig in to gain insights! 

Pick a suitable pair that goes well with your outfit.

The easiest way to style Jordan 1 low is to pair them with the different parts of your outfits. Whether you match them with your tees, hoodies, or accessories, it can be a great way to tie your entire OOTD together. Choosing the right pair with unique color details, including the pop of bright colors, or the pair with a tonal color scheme can match your outfit perfectly. 

It is a great way to create a stylish fit. The key to a successful outfit is to be subtle. You don’t want to go with the too-loud colors or matchy outfits. Instead, choose the fine details or neutral color schemes that make the most of this style. 

Make your Jordans stand out.

If you don’t prefer to match the shoes with the outfit, then let your shoes do the talking. Go with a simple outfit and a standout pair of Travis Scott Fragment Jordan. For the outfit, you can even choose all-black. Pair it with black jeans or black joggers. You even go with the black tee, and there you go. 

Whether you are heading out for a night out or a workout, the outfit can be a perfect option you can prefer. For example, when you choose to wear a black outfit, the color of your sneakers does not matter; instead, any color looks good when you pair it with black.  

Go with the classic streetwear style.

If you are looking for a simple yet effective fit, consider pairing Air Jordan with some classic touch of streetwear styling that looks extremely good. It is easier to pull off with pairs suitable for different occasions, and the casual nature of shoes allows you to style them elegantly. You can even consider pairing your choice with cargo pants, a plain t-shirt for layering, and a jacket that enhances a streetwear look. 

For a variation on this exact look, go with workwear rather than streetwear. Consider pairing straight-leg jeans or trousers, and get ready with a classic work jacket that can get you a perfect everyday outfit. 

Personal Style

More than anything else, the best way to style Travis Scott Fragment Jordan 1 Low is to pair them with any outfit. If you prefer to rock joggers over jeans, go with the right fit that enhances your style. There are no specific rules when you want to rock your Jordan 1 Low, and even your style can really show off. 

When it comes to styling your favorite Jordan 1 low, you need to be confident, and it is the only way to look great with your outfits, no matter what. More than anything else, people wearing the sneaker on their own really stand out.