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Tips To Consider When Cleaning Your Apple Watch

Apple watch is one of the most adored gadgets that this multi-billion company offers. The gadgets’ fifth edition was launched recently and people are going crazy for it. In terms of customer satisfaction, these smarty watches have now even outpaced luxury heavyweights like  Rolex.

It has blossomed into an indispensable everyday companion for the owners. They love to wear it every day. But over time it makes it more unsightly. Like the streaks start to appear on the display , the underside of the sensor is proned by sweaty edges, the digital crown becomes more difficult to move, etc. So, in order to regain that new look for your Apple Watch, we will show you a few tricks for proper cleaning. 

Tips For Deep – Cleaning 

To thoroughly clean the Apple Watch, you should first switch it off and remove the bracelet. Remove the body hold for about 10 to 15 seconds under warm or flowing water. Skin fat and salts from sweat can be easily removed. Only use this step if you are using an Apple Watch from Series 2. Since the Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch (1st generation) are only splash-proof, they are not suitable for this process. 

Take a damp, non-abrasive and lint-free cloth to wipe the dirt off the body.  Apple officially advises against using soaps and other cleaning agents. The digital crown can be a little more cumbersome at some point. While the water runs through the small gap between the crown and the case, the digital crown should be pressed and rotated slowly and continuously until it is free again. You should then use the same cloth to wipe the surface of the crown, as well as the gap between the digital crown and the case. Then clean the surrounding surfaces. 

Do This For Apple Watches With Stainless Steel

For the apple watches with stainless steel, we recommend an additional step so that the watch is not only clean, but also shines. Stainless steel is extremely robust, but has the habit of quickly looking dull due to the many small micro scratches. A lint-free microfiber cloth and some (high-quality) stainless steel polish helps here. Simply put a tiny blob on the microfiber cloth and wipe or polish the body accordingly. This should give the stainless steel variant back its usual shine. Depending on the depth of the scratches, however, not all can be removed using this procedure. Therefore we are only talking about minor scratches. No new scratches should be added due to the polishing as all the stainless steel versions employ sapphire glass for the display. To make your Apple Watch display scratch-proof from the start,  opt for a scratch stopper watch film.

Cleaning Tips For The Watch Band 

If you have the sport loop apple watch band, these bands can be easily cleaned with lukewarm water to wash off sweat and skin fat. You can make use of this method regularly. However, one thing cannot be removed with it is the stains on the band. To get rid of them, simply put a little acetone-free nail polish remover on a cotton pad or cloth and use it to rub the patched areas. Only the discoloration is removed and the band itself retains its color. Since nail polish remover can affect the finish of the wristband in the long run, you should only carry out this process from time to time. Generally, it is required once or twice a year. For the cleaning process, it is best to separate the bracelet from the Apple Watch beforehand.

 If you have any questions about cleaning your Apple watch or band, please comment below this blog post.