5 Best Tips For Primary Kids To Enjoy Math Learning

5 Best Tips For Primary Kids To Enjoy Math Learning

Math can be scary and frustrating, especially if you’re just starting primary school, but there are many ways to make it fun and effective. You may find these fun activities online on a few websites that bring out the best in math learning through many games, worksheets, and helpful tools. Amongst many Math websites, there’s this website called QuestMath that shares tips with you to learn Maths in a fun way! In this article, we’ll give the five best tips for primary kids to enjoy math learning.

1) Numbers can tell you stories

Numbers are fascinating in their own right. There’s such a variety of ways that you can use them: when shopping, playing games and telling time. It is worth letting your child experiment with numbers and thinks about them in different ways rather than just thinking of numbers as a set of instructions on how to add things together or make shapes. Encourage them not just to look at what they have been given but also what they can find out themselves.

2) Math is everywhere

Kids are often afraid of math because they think it’s hard or too complicated. Although there is some truth in those statements, it doesn’t have to be that way at all. It just takes a few small adjustments to your teaching methods and lessons, and an open mind about how you approach problems and explain them to children so that you can see how easy and fun math is!

3) Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect, so get your little one started early! Every kid is different when it comes to mastering basic math facts and calculations. Some students master multiplication tables with little effort, while others struggle mightily. If your child is already struggling, don’t worry—there are fun ways to ease them into those tricky mental calculations! Keep reading for five great tips that can help kids of all ages practice and master basic math skills…

4) Think like a mathematician

Just like we need to think like writers when we write, we need to think like mathematicians when we do math. When you do math problems, don’t just follow along in your workbook or textbook – let your brain go wild with creative ideas. After all, that’s what great mathematicians do! Don’t be afraid to ask questions either: a lot of people find it helpful to have someone who can answer their questions and guide them through difficult parts of a problem. Remember: mathematics is fun! So have fun with it.

5) Play around with numbers in real-life situations

One of the most common complaints about math is that it’s boring and there’s no application. To give your child an appreciation of how much there is to know about mathematics, try pointing out numbers in real-life situations, like distances on road signs or weights on food packaging. Encourage them to ask questions, too – once they learn that numbers can be fun, they’ll naturally want to explore further. 


Primary school students often dread math class, but some strategies can be used to make it more enjoyable. Use these 5 strategies in your math class, and you’ll see how quickly your students learn and understand math concepts. It will also help them develop a positive attitude towards math so they won’t shy away from it when they get older. A common misconception is that children need to be taught to love math by adults. The truth is, children love doing anything new if they have fun while doing it.