Tips to Get A* in IGCSE


Before we even to start to talk about to tips to get A* in the exam, we should start with understanding the fundamentals.

Let’s begin with understanding

What is IGCSE?

International General Certificate of Secondary Education commonly known as IGCSE is a two-year program that culminates with externally set, graded, and certificated University of Cambridge examinations. Any student who completes an IGCSE subject will get a globally recognized credential. IGCSE offers 70 courses in total. Students can choose from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 14 subjects. However, English, Mathematics, and Science are the most prevalent and necessary disciplines for students.

Now that we have been through the basics, let us learn how to achieve A* in the exam.

How to Score A* Grade in IGCSE?

IGCSE is significant in its own way, yet it is also a rigorous exam. A proper and long-term plan is required to reach your targeted score/rank. In order to be successful, you must be focused and consistent in your preparation.

While you may absolutely increase your score on your own, working with an expert who can provide you with individualized assistance makes it much easier. Hence students should opt for IGCSE tutoring. You must also revise and practise the material after you have studied it. Putting it away and not revising it until the end of the semester could result in you forgetting the subject entirely. As a result, it is suggested that you practise and revise on a frequent basis.

Listed below are the few tips to get your desired scores:

  • Build A Revision Timetable

Make a revision schedule two or three months before your IGCSE. Make a list of all the IGCSE courses and topics that will be covered on the exam. Make sure to schedule enough time for all of your subjects, especially your weaker ones. Setting a goal for yourself before you start studying is an excellent approach to stay on track. You’ll be able to keep track of your progress and prepare accordingly.

  • Understand Your Learning Style

Everyone has their own learning approach that they find most beneficial. Some students prefer to study at home, while others prefer to study outside, or some may opt for academic tutoring. It may take a lot of trial and error to figure out your learning style. The most successful technique to study is to use the most appropriate studying schedule for you.

  • Enroll in an IGCSE Grades Booster Programs

There are Booster programs led by industry professionals. Their knowledge and experience are put to good use in the creation of effective and strong review packages that will assist students in improving their exam performance.

Applying for an IGCSE online tutoring can truly be time saving and you can attain strategies and techniques that will help you with your preparation at your own convenience. These programs will provide you with in-depth coverage of all the concepts and thus delivers a wealth of knowledge and information that will come in handy while you revise for your IGCSEs.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice

Many IGCSE students advise practicing past practice papers rather than just doing what’s in the textbook. This might be the greatest approach to prepare for the IGCSE. Practice papers are the real stuff, whereas questions in your textbook largely test on fundamental concepts.

To get access to best mock test or practice papers, an individual should go for IGCSE tutoring, that way you can get professional assistance to better your preparation every single day. After a lot of practice, you’ll feel more at ease dealing with time constraints. This will assist you in improving your general ability to answer questions during the exam.

After you’ve finished, carefully check your answers against the answer sheet. This is because, the questions in the papers across time can be similar, hence the responses are likely to be similar as well. The answer sheet also serves as a model and reference to assist you figure out what Cambridge is looking for when you answer the questions. And remember to save and file all of your practice papers for further study and revision.

Lastly, there are few things that you should consider on the day of your IGCSE exam:

  1. Make sure you go over the entire question sheet once before you begin solving the paper.
  2. Every minute of the examination is really valuable. Remember to double-check the paper even after you’ve finished it. Run through all the questions again to make sure you haven’t missed any keywords or essential points that the questions are looking for.
  3. Take a look at the marks for each question. Skip the questions that you can’t answer right away and after finishing your paper you can come back to those questions.
  4. Always draw diagrams and graphs with pencils, and make sure that they are correctly labeled.
  5. If you’re going to write a computation, make it as neat as possible.

Broadly, you may certainly strive to pass the exam with flying colors if you use the aforementioned suggestions to earn A* in IGCSE. Always keep in mind that the two most critical aspects of any exam are focus and consistency.

And for more assistance you should you can always opt for IGCSE tuition because while preparing on your own can be beneficial, but there is no harm in approaching for professional assistance. The trainers can direct you in a better way by providing you the extensive study materials.