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Plants that One Can Keep and Grow Indoors

hanging pot plants online

If one wants to keep plants at their home and they do not have an open space to make a garden, then there are many other ways to create home for plants. One can display them over plant stands or they can make them some terrarium homes. One can also use hanging planters and pots so that plants can be flaunted at a side table as well. 

One can buy hanging pot plants online because there are varieties of plants that can work in hanging planters. One just has to look for some best suited hanging plants that work best with the other home decors and add a slice of green to indoors. One must know that trailing ivy plants, bushy plants are the best for the living room. 

And according to the plants there are different containers or pots and varieties of hanging methods that one can choose from. Here are some plant ideas and styling tips that one can follow:

Air Plant 

These are proper low maintenance plants which one can keep at home because they do not need soil in order to survive. Most people thus like to hang air plants in glass terrariums which are filled with coloured accents. One has to keep this plant in a place where there is bright light and good air circulation.

Arrowhead Plant 

They are also known as five fingers. Most of these names are derived because of the changing shape of the plant’s leaves. The leaves of this plant start as an arrowhead shape and then it grows and looks like a few fingers. Over time, this plant can grow to a vine and so one can hang them in a wide basket to let the leaves grow freely. They grow good in humid conditions and so one can plant them at kitchens as well. They are available in shades of pink, green and burgundy.


Bird’s Nest Fern 

They are wild and they can easily latch onto other plants to grow. The shape of their leaves mostly depends on the amount of sun light that they are getting. But one has to remember that too much exposure to the sun can turn the leaves to yellow. This plant grows well under humid climate.

Boston fern 

They also prefer humid temperature and the feather fronds make them look beautiful. They can look really well when planted in a hanging basket. But one has to keep this plant at a particular distance from the ceiling because they need proper air circulation. This plant is great to purify the air and they are also safe for pets.

Burro’s Tail 

They are hanging house plants which are succulents and they can tolerate a long period without water and they also prefer a lot of sunshine. They have thick and fleshy leaves and prominent green.


Marimo technically isn’t plant at all, they’re algae balls. They look like small balls of moss that can be as petite as a marble or as large as a softball. They’re incredibly easy to care for and they can even be kept in a reef tank if you already have aquatic life living with you in your home. They’re a great addition to a tank.

Chenille Plant 

This plant grows real quick and one can plant and hang them from wide baskets. They have fuzzy red flowers that add a lot of colours.

Wall hanging flower pots online can be bought in order to add lively greens to the living rooms.