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Online Marketing Tips for Contractors

Online Marketing Tips

The head of a contracting firm might have a range of valuable skills. They might know about various elements of the trade they work in and probably have skills for organizing and leading a crew of workers. There is a good chance they have developed skills for dealing with suppliers and building relationships with clients as well.

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One skill they might lack is marketing. Knowing how to complete the job is good, but you have to attract clients before you get to do the work. A lack of skill or effort in marketing can make it difficult for contractors to drum up business. 

Fortunately, the internet has made effective marketing more accessible than ever before. With a little time and effort, any business can win more customers with online marketing.

Develop a Plan

The first step is to assess your business and its goal to develop a marketing plan. Consider the type of contracting work you do. Whether you are a general contractor, electrician, concrete company or anything else, it can make a difference in your marketing plan. 

You should also think about the customers who may need your services. When you know your customers, you can better understand what they need. This can help you craft your messaging to be more impactful, and it can also help you find the best places to reach them online.

Build a Website

A website is a vital marketing asset for modern contracting businesses. The old days of people opening the yellow pages to find contractors are long gone. In today’s business landscape, consumers look for the services they need online. If you don’t have a website, customers might not ever find your business.

Websites for contractors will need certain types of pages. When asked, one web design expert said, “You will obviously want a homepage, about us and contact us. Beyond that, you will need service pages to highlight and sell the different services you offer. You should consider location pages if you have a large service area. You can also add pages for blogging and a gallery to showcase your work.”

Optimize for Search Engines

When people go online to find services, a search engine is usually their first tool. They open the browser, type in a few words related to what they need, and hit the button to search. With search engine optimization (SEO), you can make sure your business shows up in the results. 

Start your SEO strategy with keyword research. This means discovering the types of words and terms customers associate with a business like yours. You then develop a strategy for using those terms on the pages of your website. When it is done right, it will help search engines understand the relevance of your website and its pages. 

Sell Your Experience 

Regardless of the services you offer, experience sells. Customers feel more comfortable when they know their contractor has worked on many jobs. You should highlight the number of years you have been in business on your website. If the business is new, focus on your experience as an individual and the experience of your employees. 

Having a gallery page is another way to sell your experience. Create a page with pictures that show the quality of your work. Some contractors might even benefit from before and after shots. With a good gallery page, you can make it easy for prospective clients to see your work and assess your skills.

Start Blogging

Written content can be a valuable marketing tool. With a blog, you can demonstrate your knowledge or share useful tips with your customers. It can be a good way to build credibility and create a reputation as an expert.

Blogging can also assist your SEO efforts. You can write blogs to target specific keywords, and it can also help you create more pages for customers to discover. You can also profile specific types of customers and write content that will cater to their needs. 

Social Media 

Social media marketing can have a lot to offer contracting businesses. The platforms can offer more places for clients to discover your business, and it can also be great for engaging with customers and building relationships. You just need to consider the types of clients you want to attract and figure out which platforms to use to reach them.

Beyond having a profile and making posts, you might want to consider paid advertising on social media. The paid ads can be effective for raising awareness of your business. Most social media platforms also offer audience targeting that can help you reach the people most likely to need services like the ones you offer.

The final tip is to have patience. New websites can take time to gain traction, and you have to play the long game with strategies like SEO. However, your digital marketing efforts will bear fruit if you have patience and stick with it.