Know What Highest-Grossing Online Games Have in Common – A Perfect User Interface (UI)

User Interface

When it comes to comprehending real-time technology, online games have always represented the new era of the virtual world. The only reason is that it uses advanced technology, enabling enthusiastic players to enjoy their all-time favourite games from anywhere in the world. So let’s get ahead with this article by knowing what a live gaming platform seems like and what tech is involved. 

Basically, the count is tremendous as thousands of platforms focus on integrating themselves into this new form of technology. We have to mention that the world of online gaming stimulates the in-person experience. Now users or participants can nimbly play from their comfort zone while making the most of a live gaming experience, enjoying the higher payback winnings they offer. 

People have set a world record with some of the trusted platforms like slot gacor and others. Isn’t that amazing? The games are typically played with the real-time merchant, real cards, and rear wheels instead of playing in a video game format. Still, online gaming platforms are more exciting as players can effortlessly try them on via their mobile phones or computers in real-time. The simplest advantage would be that a user with any questions/concerns can solve them with the live chat feature. 

Suppose you are also planning to invest in an alternative investment like an online gaming app or website. In that case, you need to understand the importance of a good user interface. Yes, the interface allows you to navigate the game, search for the right information, complete levels, and unlock inviting rewards. However, with being extremely appealing, the functionality of the proposed gaming platform needs to be sound too. 

Today, we are here with a series of tips that actually help improve the game’s functionality and playability. So, let’s get ahead. 

  • Form accompanies Function

This is indeed the most valid rule when you plan to create an ideal and creative user interface for your gaming app or website. The form of an object placed in any manner always adheres to its function and not the other way around. Now, this is what we call the principle of “form accompanies function.” Believe it or not, it makes a lot of sense. Want to know how? A quick illustration would be that even car manufacturers use it as well. In 1998, FIAT proposed the FIAT Multipla, meaning the ultimate example of this key point. Whether it is the gaming or car interface, make sure the visuals and graphics flow from the function of the element.


  • Accessibility is Lot More Important. 

You may focus on the appeal of the online gaming platform. However, you also need to pay attention to the accessibility vertical. It is the factor of gaming that not only directs that game to be playable on different systems. But it is also about making the game slot online accessible to as many users as possible.

  • Be Consistent In Design. 

The user interface of live gaming apps and websites needs to be consistent enough. To conclude the same, consider the way players would prefer to interact with the game. Imagine a persistently used button in the first level. The same button is at the bottom right corner in the next level. Somehow, it goes another way around at each level; definitely, this will leave the player completely confused.

White spaces and colour usages need to be consistent throughout. It is wise to use a fixed colour palette, picking the same primary and secondary tones. Make sure there is a balance between the lighter tones and darker tones. Ultimately, it is never a bad idea to use grey and black for games like Dead Space, green tones for poker and roulette, red for dice games, and basic white tones for cricket leagues. Make sure to have designated colour tones for warnings, positive feedback, notifications, and errors. Make the most of channels like Adobe Colour Theme Panel. 


Keep in mind that your real-time gaming platform’s design and functionality alone can make it or break it. So make sure to invest enough time in it. Don’t let your online gaming app or website have too much clutter or flashy icons. Having the standard of being functional and minimalistic is enough. You don’t have to develop a design or theme all by yourself. You can even have a professional do it for you or take references from premium websites like GamesRadar+,, eSports, and MPL.