Know What Every Luxury Guest Room Should Be Like In Your New Hotel

hotel room accessories

Talking about the guests checking in a hotel, they are certainly considered as an embodiment of God. If you are planning to open a chain of hotels or an individual palatial hotel, you will definitely be taking immense pleasure in welcoming the guests over holidays and weekends. Apart from hotel room accessories, a hotel owner needs to assure that the guests simply feel at home and no stone is unturned in their stay. Or else, we can say that your luxury hotel furniture or hot spa services should be an affair to remember. 

To be a chivalrous host, you must decorate and design every guest room in a manner that just portrays the sense of hospitality in the best way possible. Well, if you are considering hiring a private interior designer, we may call it a great idea to start with. However, it may cost you much more hundreds of dollars than you can imagine.

Not to worry, as we are here with a few premium norms that one should follow with the design of a hotel or even when the renovations are in process. So, let’s just get started with the dos and don’ts to keep in mind while designing the hotel rooms.

DO: Go for a feature wall. 

We all know that normally guest rooms are painted with the same neutral colours. At times, they don’t look that good and hold a zero personality. So this is why you should create a focal point in the room by adding a feature wall. Bear in mind that you can play with vibrant paint effects, luxe papers, textured cladding, or even beautiful artwork for large walls. For instance, you can go with darker tones or an abstract painting next to the neutral coloured wall. All such facets will add depth to the wall, which will be quickly observed by the eyes of your guests. 

DON’T: Use Off-Key Colours 

Through vibrant colours seem fun; the purples and reds are not always ideal for the guest rooms. As expert interior designers recommend that powerful colour palettes normally are not pleasing to the eye, they are sometimes found to inhibit sleep. Therefore, go for a subtle and chic colour like pastels and neutrals as they pass on a comfortable aura to the entire room while being gentle on the eyes. Concerning avoiding the monotonous impact of colour scheme, you can choose different shades that pair well together or simply create a contrast by pairing luxury hotel furniture with a huge artwork for a hotel room. 

Do: Use Comfortable Linens 

Another crucial aspect that affects the bottom line is the suitable bedding for the room. After all, you don’t want your lovely guests to sleep on static, itchy, or uncomfortable mattresses and bed linens to sleep on. Accordingly, ditch those offending linens and bedding styles shunned even by your family members. Instead, it is a great idea to go with high-quality pillows and bed sets. Don’t worry! They are not that expensive these days, and you can find many plush look designs online that will evenly complement your decor as well. Besides, avoid buying feather down pillows and duvets as they normally catch allergies, and chances are that your guest might end up coughing and sneezing all night long. 

DON’T: Go for too bright lighting 

Talking about the most important aspects of hotel room accessories, we simply cannot deny that lighting is a must-have. It is important to determine the requirements according to the room furniture and area and ensure that ambient lighting is a part of the room. Strictly avoid using LED bulbs or pendant lights and go with something fresh like lamps available in light and coy hues. 

Bringing to a conclusion, it is always a better idea to make every room of your hotel a perfect space that also showcases warm hospitality and welcoming nature. Take it as a brilliant opportunity instead of making it all a psyched up renovation. Keeping it short and clear, you should always choose artwork for large walls and luxury hotel furniture that is multi-functional and luxurious in a subtle way.