What You Should Know About Attended and Unattended Death


There are situations where an individual dies without the knowledge of anyone including close family members. This is otherwise known as an unattended death. On the contrary, some people die an attended death. In a case where a person dies alone and depending on the level of decomposition, you need professional help for the cleanup procedure. Unattended death cleanup Denver Colorado is the solution you seek. However, it is important to know the basic distinction between attended and unattended death. 

Attended Death Defined

Attended death simply means some dies with at least one person watching over him or her. Fine examples of where attended death usually occurs include healthcare facilities, senior care facilities, at the deceased residence but under the care of a physician, etc. 

Unattended Death Defined

This is a situation where someone passes on alone. In this case, the body will not be immediately discovered. The most common types of unattended death include natural death, suicide, homicide, accident, murder, etc. 

What Happens After an Unattended Death

Once a person passes on, decomposition soon follows. Oftentimes, in the case of an unattended death, the body remains undiscovered for days, weeks, or even months following the death. Thus, the level of decomposition further deteriorates.

The unabated decomposition process can be dangerous to human health. This is because the number of bacteria in the human body is far greater than actual cells while the pancreas has over 500 different types of bacteria, the intestines boast over 1000 bacteria. When the body becomes lifeless, the blood supply from which the bacteria gets their nutrient ceases.  For them to survive, the bacteria start to feed on the body organs. This further compounds the problem as more dangerous pathogens get released into the surrounding environment. 

What’s the Next Right Step to Take Following an Unattended Death?

If you are so unfortunate to discover an unattended death, some steps should be taken to keep you and your family protected. Because you don’t know how long the body has been in that state, you should try as much as possible to keep your distance from the body. Leave the environment as the area might already be contaminated with bloodborne pathogens. 

Find a safe place for yourself and reach out to the appropriate law enforcement agents. The appropriate personnel will transport the body to a more secure location for further investigation. At the conclusion, the body will be prepared for the proper funeral rites. 

When to Cleanup the Affected Area?

The best time to bring in unattended death cleanup Denver Colorado is immediately after the body of the deceased is removed from the place. only then can proper remediation of the room can take place. Significant property damage might be a problem to contend with given the level of decomposition. Thus, making the work a bit difficult than normal. Everything that brings flashes of memories of the tragic incident will be eliminated. Professional cleaners ensure to restore the property to a livable condition. 

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