Is it Better to Play Penny or Quarter Slots?

Is it better to play penny or quarter slots

The most common real-life slots that players will encounter are penny and quarter slots.

What is a penny slot 

As the name suggests, the penny slot is a type of slot machine which offers smaller stakes for players. It is the most common version of slot machines that players will encounter in casinos and it is well liked because of its cheap and relatively risk free gameplay. This slot type is incredibly simple to play and allows players to better manage their budget due to the smaller stakes – try nextgen gaming slots.

Some players feel that this slot variation doesn’t offer players enough in terms of payout potential, however this is not strictly the case. Many penny slots will offer players massive prizes thanks to special rounds such as progressive jackpots, the payout of this type of jackpot is typically an incredibly large amount. 

What is a quarter slot 

Although it is similar to a penny slot, the quarter slot is actually a completely different slot variation which offers different opportunities to win. 

  •     As the name suggests, this slot type still uses relatively small stakes. However the big difference between a quarter slot and a penny slot is that the quarter slot offers players much more opportunities to win big! The payout potential of these slots is substantially bigger than the penny slot.
  •     A big benefit that comes from this slot type is the variation which they offer, players are given increased flexibility in things such as betting amount. This can be done freely by the player, however players should be aware that this can sometimes make keeping track of bets more difficult.
  •     The prizes that players will receive from this slot variation is usually around thousands of coins. This is a stark increase from the penny slot.
  •     This slot type is found in both online and real life casinos, although it is not as common as a penny slot in a real life casino, the quarter slot is still very popular amongst players due to offering large payouts for little risk.

Which is better? 

Quarter slots and penny slots are both incredibly popular game variations amongst players, although there are differences between the two they both offer incredible benefits for players. 

  •     Penny slots are more suited to players who have a smaller bankroll and are not too worried about making a good payout. This is because of the risk free and cheap style that the slot offers, although it is possible to make a profit from these slots, it will take some time.
  •     Quarter slots are similar to penny slots but they offer much better payout potential. This is because this slot includes greater flexibility in betting options and more jackpots to choose from. Although this slot offers more payout potential, players should be aware that it is much harder to keep track of bets made in this variation.

Final Thoughts 

Penny and quarter slots are both incredibly similar, although they offer different benefits to players.