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Is Gutter Cleaning Service Worth The Effort, Money And Time?

A roof can be leaking for many reasons, and when they do, there is often more than the roof to worry about than repairing the roof. There is maybe damage to the exterior, interior, and even inside the walls. A common problem that causes a roof leak is clogged gutters. Gutters become clogged by debris like leaves, limbs, bird nests, and other small critters will nest in gutters. Using West Linn gutter cleaning service can prevent that from happening.

Too often homeowners see gutters as ornamental decoration only. But they do serve a purpose and have an important function for a home which is controlling the flow of water away from the roof and out from the foundation.

What Happens When West Linn Gutter Cleaning Is Avoided? 

When gutter cleaning West Linn homes is neglected, it can create a nightmare for the homeowners. The leaves, limbs, and debris that clog the gutter forces the water to back up under the shingles. After it has backed up, it begins soaking into the decking and then onto the attic. Even worse, clogged gutters attract bees and they’ll build their nest and honeycombs in the gutter. Mold, pests, and rodents will nest in gutters, clogging them even more, and they will eventually begin eating away at the shingles.

By not having a regular gutter cleaning service performed at least twice a year, more if your home is surrounded by trees, it can eventually cost you thousands for roof repair or replacement. And if the leak has penetrated the walls, it may work its way to the flooring. Then you can expect to have hundreds, even thousands of dollars of repairs.

An Expense That Your Homeowners May Not Cover

Anytime a homeowner’s policy is issued, an insurance adjuster is usually the first to visit the property. They do a walk around, looking at the siding, windows, roofing, and the gutters. If there are gutters present, they will often check them to see that they are in working order, which includes being free of any debris blockage. If they see any blockage, they will recommend the homeowner contact a West Linn gutter cleaning service.

If the homeowner ignores that suggestion and then files a claim later for roof damage, or other damaged and the insurance adjuster deems that it could have been avoided with the recommended gutter cleaning from a West Linn company, they can deny the claim. In some cases, they may cancel the policy as well.

So, how often do gutters need to be cleaned? Again, as we stated earlier, once a year minimum, twice a year is best. But depending on where your home is located and how many trees are around it, it may need to be cleaned quarterly.  A gutter cleaning service will be able to better recommend the frequency.