Integrating a New Employee into the Team

Integrating a New Employee into the Team

Hiring a new employee is a big deal for the business, the new employee, and the team as a whole. Once you make your decision about who to hire, the work doesn’t finish – you also need to make sure they fit into the company. To make sure that your new hire works well with everyone, here’s how to integrate them into the team. 

Hire the Right Person 

The first step may be the most obvious, but it can also be the hardest to achieve. Hiring the right employee takes a lot of consideration; you have to consider the type of experience you need, what sort of attitude they have and how passionate they are. To make the process simpler, Application Tracking Software uses automation to help you attract the best talent and make the right decision with hiring. 

Introduce Everyone Individually 

Introducing the new hire to the entire group at once isn’t always the way to go about introductions. While everyone will learn the name of the new candidate, that doesn’t mean the new hire will know the teams’ names straight away. So, to ensure everyone gets to know each other quickly, introduce your new hire to everybody individually.  

Set Up a Collaborative Project 

People get to know each other better when they work as a team, and a collaborative project is a perfect way to ensure everybody learns how the other works. It doesn’t have to be an enormous project (it’s probably better to avoid this too early on), but a simple project that gets everyone involved will help develop those work relationships. 

Provide a Comfortable Workspace 

It will be hard for your new hire to feel comfortable enough to integrate themselves into the team if they aren’t in a nice environment. For this reason, you must provide a good workspace for them to settle into. Consider sprucing up the break room, too, as that is where a lot of work relationships get started.

Go for a Work Lunch 

To get to know the new employee on a more personal level, set up a work lunch for the entire team. As you will all have the chance to relax, you’ll find it easier to understand each other. Plus, it will show your new hire that you are a great company to work for. 

Ask for Feedback 

Your new team member must know that their experience and opinions matter, so be sure to ask for feedback early on. You could also ask them how they are settling in so that if there are any issues, you can do your best to solve them. 

Learn Their Unique Ways

Every member of the team is different in their own way – and that’s a good thing! It’s your and your team’s job to learn your new member’s unique ways so that you can understand how they work and accommodate that. 

Starting a new job isn’t always easy. By helping your new employee settle in, they will feel like an essential part of the team before long.

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