How To Take Care Of Your Magnetic Screen Door?

Magnetic Screen Door

If you’ve just purchased your very own Magnetic Screen Door, you might be wondering how to clean it properly and keep it looking as good as new. The Magnetic Screen Door is all about style and functionality, so you don’t want to put it away with smudges and dirt streaks all over it! Luckily, caring for your Magnetic Screen Door is easy, provided you know the right steps to take. After the next time you use your Magnetic Screen Door, follow these few simple instructions and your door will be as good as new in no time at all!


Although Magnetic Screen Doors are built out of high-quality materials, they can still get dirty over time. To prolong their life and protect your investment, be sure to clean them at least once a month using a soft cloth with some soap and water. This should be enough for general cleaning; if you notice any stains or marks on the screen, it’s probably best to use a more abrasive cleaner like Windex.

Re-attaching it to the frame

For safety reasons, always re-attach a magnetic screen door when it is done being used. One reason for re-attaching is so that young children don’t get their fingers caught between separating pieces and get hurt. Another reason for re-attaching it to its frame is that if you leave it in place with no way for air to circulate, you will end up with mold growth on your screen door and under your regular door frame. This can cause serious health problems, such as asthma.

Storing the Magnetic Screen Door

The magnetic screen door should be stored with little-to-no exposure to direct sunlight. While it’s not harmful, it can cause staining. When you don’t have access to an enclosed space, cover it with a large towel and store it in a closet or unused room. If possible, try to hang it from its own hook rather than folding it up into a pile on top. This will keep any dirt from getting trapped between layers of fabric and causing stains over time.

When you are ready to use your magnetic screen door again, simply wipe down both sides with warm water and soap (or, if necessary, use diluted vinegar) before hanging up for storage once more.

Safety tips

Safety should always be a top priority when caring for any household product. With a few quick tips, you can ensure that you and your family are protected from harm. Make sure to follow these simple steps:

  1. Before operating or cleaning your magnetic screen door, make sure it is unplugged.
  2. Never operate or clean your magnetic screen door while it is plugged in; doing so could cause serious injury or death by electrocution!
  3. Always use caution when cleaning around electrical outlets or other appliances with sharp edges—the openings on your magnetic screen door could cause damage if not handled properly!
  4. Do not allow children to play near your magnetic screen door without adult supervision.
  5. When installing your new magnetic screen door, ensure that all screws are tightened securely and that there are no loose pieces before plugging in for the operation.