Burnham Boiler Spare Parts You Need To Keep As A Backup

Burnham Boiler Spare Parts

Have you just bought a boiler or are thinking about investing in a unit? In both cases, new investors always remain in confusion regarding the credibility of boilers. Powerful boilers for both commercial and residential buildings are occupying a large market share because of the high performance. However, you should never ignore the aspect of malfunctioning issues. Below is a list of some common problems associated with boilers:- 

  • Frozen condensate pipe
  • Leakage 
  • Low pressure 
  • Malfunctioning radiator
  • Inaccurate thermostat

Even the boilers of top brands like Burnham may have to face these technical issues. Take a burnham boiler part lookup and scroll down to get a list of parts you need to keep in reserve for emergencies. 

Boiler parts to keep as backup 

  1. Ventilator

If your boiler is running on fuel that produces combustion gases, consider that the ventilator has the most important part to keep in reserve. Along with maintaining adequate temperature inside the boiler, it also supports the functioning of heat exchanger to to exhale toxic gases. 

  1. Heat exchanger

Why using a boiler, the risk of toxic combustion gases remains high. The main purpose of the heat exchanger component is to allow heat to exhale in the outer environment. 

  1. Circulator pump

In order to maintain adequate pressure of water, the circulator pump plays a major role. It is meant for pumping water through a pipe network installed in different areas of a building. 

  1. Spark plug

Talking about the ignition part, consider the spark plug in the Burnham boiler part look up list. If it is taking a longer time than usual to start, the problem must be the spark plug. Keep a few units in your reserve box to replace them timely. 

  1. Gas regulator

Gas regulator is one of the crucial parts of Burnham residential boilers and commercial units. When it gets faulty, symptoms like no warm air and complete shutdown may appear. In most cases, repair cannot work for a long time. Faulty gas regulator is the main reason for fluctuating temperature and pressure inside the boiler. Ignoring it for a long time can cause severe issues to your entire boiler system. 

  1. Gaskets

Worn out gasket is the most common issue with boilers of all types. You need to replace them more frequently as compared to other components.

Buying boiler spare parts

  1. Make sure that you are buying boiler parts from the original equipment manufacturer. Get some information about the supplier regarding previous delivery track records. 
  2. Don’t buy any parts without a warranty. Original manufacturers maintain a quality standard along with warranty against several malfunctioning issues. 
  3. Be aware of the model number while ordering any kind of spare part online. 
  4. Try to find spare parts in your local market and compare the price with online suppliers. This comparison will help a lot in making the right buying decision. 

Try to find an online supplier offering all spare parts of a particular brand so that you don’t have to search for other sellers.