How To Start A Shipping Business | Know Major Pitfalls

Shipping Business

What makes any business successful? To make the business a big hit, one needs to know them inside-out of the business model and requirements. Unfortunately, many people start a business with a great idea but fail to identify the gaps or missing points. Hence, end up with financial losses. Read till the end to have a better understanding of how to start a shipping company.

However, Forbes also threw a few reality queries before starting a business:

  1. Are you all set for the startup?
  2. Do you own customers with real pain and money?
  3. Do you know your market opportunity?
  4. Are you working on a motivated and qualified team?
  5. Do you determine the costs on a real basis?
  6. Do you have the strong determination and skills to run the company?

Why Can’t You Start Shipping Business?

You shouldn’t start your own shipping business if :

Lack Of Role Identification: When you’re not aware of the true role and work of the several entities, including customs broker, shipping agent, surveyor, ship agency, and much more that are involved in the business. Shipping businesses have many entities involved, so it’s of utmost importance to be clear about which of these your business wants to get into. 

No Knowledge Of Bill of Lading: You don’t know about the bill of lading. Or can’t differentiate between a house bill of lading and a master bill of lading.

The bill of lading is a very critical document to handle in the process of the shipping cycle. You should be educated to whom it should be assigned. The bill is correctly issued in terms of transport mode. Improper understanding can lead to financial implications. 

Have No Insurance: You don’t know the importance of insurance. If confused if cargo can be shipped with or without insurance.

No Clue About Risk Management: When you’re not capable of answering yourself about the implications of liability and risk management.

Pack and ship business includes several risks like contractual faults, counterparty risks, jurisdictional risks, etc. Moreover, capable enough to advise the clients about the risk associated with shipping.

Poor Financial- Management: You don’t know how to calculate and manage the business finance (revenue and expenditure). 

One starts the shipping business with the intention of making a profit. If not aware of which basis the services must be charged, then end up with a lot of chaos & losses in the beginning.

Not Sure About the Real Aura: You are unclear about the practical functions and procedures involved in the import and export chain.


Running a business is not an easy task. Moreover, the shipping business is pretty dynamic. The introduction of digital marketing flourished the sales of eCommerce platforms. To cope up with the increased pace of online delivery, shipping services need to be strengthened. 

These negative pointers might disturb you. But learning has no end. No issue, you can go through this factful guide giving all answers about how to start a shipping service. Give your dream a strong foundation!

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