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How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Flowers are just as beautiful as they are confusing. You may not feel that way until you take a look through the options at your local wedding florist in Bristol! It does not have to be as complicated as it might initially seem, especially since you are about to go through this brief little guide on how to choose wedding flowers.

Hire an Experienced, Reputed, and Local Wedding Florist

Do make sure that the flowers are sourced locally to assure freshness. For example, if the wedding is in Bristol, your Bristol wedding flowers should be coming in from a Bristol luxury wedding florist with a good reputation. A good reputation is also just as important because not every luxury wedding florist is as luxurious or experienced as they claim to be.

Let the Professionals Do the Heavy Lifting

You will definitely need a wedding florist to source the flowers from, so why not let them do the heavy lifting as well? Note that any decent wedding florist will still ask for your opinions on important decisions regarding the flowers, their arrangements, etc. You will still have complete control over it all and feel free to make any changes to their designs or choices as needed. However, the trick is in practicing your control sparingly and letting the professionals do their jobs.

Get to Know the Basics About Wedding Flowers

If you are not even roughly acquainted with the basics of wedding flowers, it is recommended that you get to know the basics at least. In fact, your florist himself/herself should be able to help you with that. Nevertheless, if you want to approach the subject with a basic understanding of your own, then you will need to know and understand British wedding flowers based on their availability across the various seasons. Nevertheless, the following should provide you with a preliminary understanding.

Wedding Flowers in Various Shades

White anemones, white rose, ranunculus, silver brunia, white tulip, white astilbe, calla lily, and Queen Anne’s Lace are all white flowers widely available during the winter months, as well as most of the year. Each of them has their unique appeal and place though. Red astilbe, red roses, red carnations, and amaryllis will add the colour of vitality in between snowy whites.

To add more shades of colour to your wedding, consider adding hydrangea, carnations and roses, (they come in a wide range of colours), pink tulips, dahlia, scabiosa, and peonies among others into the mix. If you need more options that are available during the warmer months only, consider options among the likes of freesia, white orchid, gardenia, cornflower, tweedia, lisianthus, gerbera daisy, sunflower, delphinium, dahlia, iris,  and cosmos to name just a few.

The final tip to consider is of course, the cost. Nowadays, it’s not that difficult to find any flower you want in any season from a Bristol luxury wedding florist. However, it will keep your costs down if you stick to seasonal or even wildflowers. Therefore, getting to know a bit more about your options can’t really hurt.